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Since I went back and looked at Brandi's site again, it's only fair that I check out Jessica's as well. As you probably already know, all of Jessica's material is original and involves her receiving various types of punishment. Jessica's site is set up almost identical to Brandi's, so it's very easy to navigate. Actually, Jessica's site was online first, but I reviewed Brandi's before Jessica's, so that's why I used that terminology. When you first visit the site, you have to be impressed by the up front and honest preview page. There is a description and photo from a ton of updates. I'm not sure if it's the entire site, but just looking at the updates that are there would keep one busy for a little bit. I like this type of preview area, as you don't have to wonder what's inside, or what the scenarios are like. It's all up front for you so you have the most information available before making that decision to give up the ol' credit card info. When you enter the members area, you can select whether you want her punishment area or nude area. Jessica's nude area has tons of high resolution photos of her posed in a variety of positions. This area is updated from periodically with additional photo sets. Of course the main area of interest in the spanking section. Jessica has kept up with her counterpart in faithfully updating her site with new and fresh material on a consistent basis. She too has increased the variety of instruments and positions in which she is punished. Occasionally, she'll have a guest punished with her, such as Brandi or one of the girls from Real The message board has been used to communicate with members and provide her with ideas for upcoming skits. The site is updated every ten days which usually consists of at least two or three new videos, most of which have high resolution photos that accompany them. Each photo set contains between 20 and 100 high resolution photos that are very crisp and clear. The clips vary in number, but most of the more recent clips include several different views including facials. The quality of these clips has also gone up since I reviewed them last, with the most recent versions having very clear and fluid motion. Like Real Spankings clips, Jessica has also transferred some of her work to video tape which is available for sale. DVD is also promised to be on the horizon. The cost is $18.00 a month. Although the content mostly features one person on the receiving end, Jessica's site is very nice and a pleasure to look through. If you have never been a member to Jessica's site before, be prepared to watch a lot of spanking.

The folks who run Brandi's website also run Teen Jessica's and were nice enough to let me take a look around for a review. Like Brandi, Jessica was first featured on the Real Spankings website prior to branching out on her own. Jessica is also a cutie and has had her site up a little longer than Brandi, so there is a little more content. There are a lot of similarities between Teen Jessica's site and Teen Brandi's, which isn't a bad thing. A few sample photos and videos are posted on the main page along with an outline of what is in the members area. As I mentioned in the Brandi review, I like that as there is no chance that you can be lured in only to find out that what you wanted isn't actually in the members area. The members area has a good amount of stuff to look through and all of the punishments are pretty good. As I also had mentioned before, I'm more of an everyday scenario type of person and I like the girl coming home from school or coming home late and getting spanked in regular clothes that most people wear. There is this type of spanking as well as a lot of fully naked spanking. The spanking section is split into three categories and features high quality photos and real media videos. Some skits are just photos or just videos, but many do have both as well. I noticed that some of the earlier videos were not as good in quality as in the later videos and if I understood the message correctly, they will be improving their equipment again. It's nice to see that your money is going to improving the quality of the product they give you instead of just lining their pockets. I know for $18 a month I want good quality videos, not something that is barely viewable and takes 25 minutes to download. The punishments themselves are also very real and hard. The punishment sessions are not some fake thing that makes you mad that you spent your money on this. There is also more content not related to spanking. She has some nudes, female/female sex and masturbation videos/photos. Also, like Brandi, she has a message board in which she talks to members and will take their suggestions into consideration for future skits. I also think this site is well done as it is easy to navigate and you don't have to click forever to find what you want. Like Brandi's site, I think the price is a little high for a one month subscription. However, I can attest as to what hosting fees are these days, all the bandwidth used for the videos does get costly. Since they are all owned by the same people, perhaps they will consider a discount plan for subscriptions to multiple sites or discounted rates for extended subscriptions. Maybe order Jessica's and get Brandi's site for half price or something like that. I've seen sites that will offer a discount for ordering 3 month or 6 month subscription. Just my 2 cents on that. The site is updated every 10 days, which averages out to be about 3 times a month. The updates contain a lot of stuff, which is more than most have in a weekly update. Might be worth your while to at least look at the free content and decide from there.

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