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Spanking In The Modern Age
Spanking 1956: Directed by Eric Blair-Brown
Written by David Person
Starring: Pixie with David Pierson
Spanking 1969 -'She Protests'
Directed by Dallas
Written by David Pierson
Starring Sierra Salem with David Pierson
Spanking 1977: The Decline of Western Civilization
(The Punk Years)
Directed by James Phillips
Written by David Pierson
Starring Genesis with David Pierson
Guest Review by Julie Marks, posted 3/4/06

A spanking journey through the ages is truly a unique and fun idea. This fabulous spanking compilation features three different directors and three different "brats." And of course plenty of good old fashioned spanking. The brats are played by none other than Pixie, Sierra, and Genesis, and David Pierson has the good fortune of playing opposite these three lovely ladies.

The first scene features Pixie and is set in the 1950's. The fifties are reminiscent of conservative values and high moral standards. So naturally when Pixie comes home late from her date, her tardiness must be addressed. What better way to address it than a good old fashioned spanking! As David points out, "in his day a girl coming in at this hour would have her bottom tanned with a razor strop." David doesn't use the razor strop on Pixie, instead David pulls Pixie over his knee and applies very firm hard hand smacks to her buttocks and the tops of her thighs. Her bottom turns a nice bright red from David's hand, however Pixie soon finds out she has earned some smacks with the dreaded hairbrush. David applies the hairbrush with great vigor, and this appears to cause Pixie some distress and pain. Pixie's smart mouth and attitude don't seem to help her plight, but alas the spanking finally ends and Pixie is sent off to bed.

The scene then cuts to the next day with a more relaxed Pixie sitting casually on the couch in her blue jeans and light blue cotton blouse. She casually thumbs through a book and when David comes into the room, she is happy to see him. However, her enthusiasm wanes when she learns David has found out she lied about her whereabouts last night. Instead of being late because she was at the malt shop with Jimmy, she was spotted by a reliable source at Shady Lane. Shady Lane which is more commonly known as "lovers lane" and so scandalous for a girl her age, as David points out, a girl with a "reputation" will have a hard time getting a good husband. Although she denies doing anything wrong, things do not bode well for Pixie. She is soon informed that she is about to get "the spanking of her life."

This second spanking for Pixie starts with a firm hand spanking over her jeans, progressing to her panties. We get a nice glimpse of the bright redness of her bottom in contrast to the whiteness of her panties, which is quite a sight to behold. Her panties are soon pulled down, and the hard hand smacks continue on the bare bottom. Soon a very thick hard wood paddle is produced and used with precision. The paddle seems to cause Pixie a fair amount of distress. She gets a real blistering with that paddle, and although she is reduced to tears, her spanking is not over. She also gets a dose of the razor strop, as she bends over the couch, to demonstrate what a girl in David's era would receive for such behavior. As tears pour out of her eyes, we wonder if this brat has learned her lesson. The results of this painful punishment yield very nice deep red marks on Pixie's upper thighs and buttocks.

After visiting the 1950's we are whisked away to 1969 where organized protests, free love, and young adults breaking from tradition can be found. This scene features a very bratty Sierra, whom David calls Susan, even though she continues to insist her name is Sierra. It seems that being gone for three days is not acceptable behavior, even in the progressive era of the sixties, so when Sierra comes home after a three days of being gone, David confronts her and she soon finds herself over David's knee for a hard hand spanking.

Sierra starts out with a very bratty attitude, but as the hard smacks continue, her demeanor changes. However, there is always some doubt about whether a brat of this caliber can ever really change. After plenty of over the knee hand spanking on the jeans with bell bottoms on display as her feet pop up in protest, she is told to take her pants down. "I've already been spanked enough" she protests, but that doesn't seem to help her case. David points out to her "this is not the Harvard Debating Society." So Sierra eventually drops her pants and returns to David's knee where we get a nice view of her rosy red bottom. It seems that Sierra is not wearing panties, these indeed must be "liberal" times.

After a lot more hand spanking, David asks for the hairbrush and like a true brat Sierra asks "is this what you use to brush your hair?" David soon demonstrates at least one other use for the hairbrush by applying hard smacks repeatedly to Sierra's bare bottom. Sierra has difficulty keeping her hands away, but despite the struggle, David manages to blister her bottom nicely. After her bottom is a nice bright red color, and Sierra expresses some remorse, David leaves the room telling her to ponder her behavior. As the camera moves in for a close up of Sierra's face, we see a slight smile. It appears David has his work cut out for him with this brat.

Moving on to 1977, we meet up with Genesis, who apparently is also known as Jennifer, and who has been out until 5 a.m. slam dancing. Genesis has what one would term a "real attitude." When David pulls her over his knee she calls David a "mother fucker" and for some reason, David finds that offensive. She gets a bottom warming that starts with David's hand applied briskly to the seat of her jeans, progressing to her flowered panties, and onto her bare bottom. It is interesting how "yes sir" soon replaces the phrase "mother fucker" as David continues to wallop her bare behind.

After a number of very hard smacks with the hand, leaving Genesis' bottom a nice rosy red, she promises that she will "do whatever he says." David tests that theory by sending her to the bedroom to retrieve the hairbrush. But alas, he has to smack her bare bottom some more because she hesitates to follow that request.

When Genesis returns with the hairbrush she is taken over the knee and this time feels the sting of the hairbrush on her bare bottom. David has to put her in the scissor grip with his legs as he pounds her bare bottom with the brush, because she won't hold still. He smacks her good and hard over and over with the brush and we start to see some nice rosy red results. She even starts to protest that "it hurts." After David finishes spanking her over his knee, he makes her stand up and bend back over placing her hands on the couch, so that he can continue with that brush and drive his point home. While bending over, he smacks her very hard plenty more times. David says "I am only doing this because I care about you." But I'm not sure Genesis feels the love as she stands in the corner with her red bottom hanging out and on fire.

All scenes show camera angles from different directions, the face, the bottom, and the entire view. It is nice to hear the old lingo from past eras, and see the authentic costumes and attitudes of those times.

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