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Updated Review by John O'Connell posted 2/19/10

I decided to check on this site since it has been a few years since I did a review and since it is kind of unique in it's approach. The first thing that grabbed my attention in the free area is the notice "In our members area we include- real bare bottom punishments, including spanking, caning, strapping rulering etc. Done in an atmospheric realistic manner." I said, hmmm, they must have decided to go the rest of the way with their punishments now and end with spankings being on the bare. Well, kind of. In more recent additions, some of the scenes conclude with the punishment being given while the model is wearing a thong. Yes, I know, technically that's a bare bottom spanking, but I still think it's a little misleading because when I hear bare bottom spanking I think no clothing at all over the bottom. No thong, not underwear hiked up her crack, nothing. And according to a poll we did a few years ago, the majority of you out there agree with me. I have no problem with a site or company that prides itself on doing something different, like sticking to spanking over some form of clothing. But, don't advertise that you have something different when you don't. In my opinion, if the punishments are not on the completely bare bottom and the model is wearing a thong or has her underwear hiked up, then it should indicate that in the free area so the potential subscriber knows exactly what they are geting. But "In our members area we include- real bare bottom punishments" to me sounds like it's a traditional bare bottom spanking in where the underwear, swimsuit, or whatever is either lowered or removed.
The site updates once per week with a new scene each time around. There are photos to compliment the clips, but they are in separate areas. Photo galleries and clips are arranged by the most recent added. The clips are a bit better than the last time I was here, with the newest clips having a screen size of 640x480 a frame rate of 25.00fps, and a data transfer rate of 901Kbps. They look fairly decent at full screen on a 22 inch monitor. Cost of membership is 25.00 USD for 30 days.

Review posted 8/18/06 by John O'Connell

Spanking Over Skirts is a relatively new site that has come into the spanking website scene. As the name might imply, the spankings take place over skirts or in some cases, pants. Of the roughly 9 scenarios currently available, 2 feature spanking over panties, 1 over pantyhose, and none on the bare bottom. At first this surprised me, because quite frankly, I've never encountered that before. But, in talking with some consumers out there, some people really like this type of spanking because they feel it's more real than a nasty bare bottom spanking.

The site is fairly easy to navigate with each scenario providing a photo gallery and a video gallery. The video gallery features easy text links to download each section. 2 of the 9 scenarios have full file downloads, while the others are only available as parts at this time. Clips come in Windows Media format and are between 5 and 8 MB in size. Clips play at 320X240 and 512 KBS. The resolution is average.

Each scene also has a photo gallery that contains roughly 30-80 thumbnailed images. Each thumbnail opens to a larger 640X480 image. The galleries have a cool option of making the photos view as a slideshow. The photos are a little bit backwards to what I'm used to, where the first image starts on the last page and the most recent additions are on the first page.

While the site doesn't have a pluthera of scenes, they are interesting and models are easy on the eyes. The price is pretty reasonable, so if you don't mind spankings that don't involve nudity and have models that are unique to this site, it might be worth a look.

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