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Spanking Pixie Volume #1
Guest Review by Adele Haze, posted 3/4/06

This collection is a treat for all those who enjoy the magical dynamics existing on film between Pixie (she of innocent face and tough bottom) and David Pierson (he who thrashes the hell out of her).

It consists of three short films: "Cheers for Tears", "Lazy Afternoon" and "Dinner Party". When I say the films are short, you can be assured that they are not short of spanking action by any extent: in each one Pixie is bent over and being smacked within a minute from the titles sequence. You should definitely go for this if wall-to-wall (or titles-to-titles) action is your thing.

Pixie has a wonderful quality to her acting and demeanour: despite the bratty characters she plays and the amount of trouble she is capable of getting into, she comes across in her videos like a nice girl. The kind of girl you'd like to meet and have pizza with; the kind of person you'd be pleased with knowing. The reviewer has heard this opinion expressed independently by several people who don't know each other, and happens to share it completely. Pixie is *nice*.

Pixie is also tough. If you've never seen one of her films, don't be fooled by her pale, fragile complexion: this girl grits her teeth and takes her punishment, and very hard punishment it usually is. (Though not, it has to be said, the sort that leaves her severely marked or cut. If you measure the severity of video content by bruises it produces, perhaps it's time to head elsewhere. However, if you can tell a hard stroke of a paddle when you see it - and, of course, if you enjoy seeing a hard paddling - Pixie is your girl.)

Let is look at the films in more detail.

1. "Cheers For Tears"

The cheerleader Pixie is dressed in a white, raspberry and silver uniform, her hair is tied into a high ponytail with a matching raspberry scrunchie. Matching pompoms are lying on a table next to her, and she lazily plays with them as she chats to her fried on the phone. She is in the principal's office, as we find out, and she's in trouble, but she isn't particularly worried about what he might do to her. When the principal David Pierson enters, she gestures for him to wait until she's off the phone before she gives him any attention. Judging by David's face, this is a really bad move.

Her next bad move follows as soon as she's off the phone: she starts the conversation with calling him "Dave", and on the whole she's perfectly nonchalant about the idea of a punishment. She agrees to a spanking to avoid suspension, and all but leaps over his lap, expecting to get away with a few token smacks.

He starts with a few mild smacks over her skirt; the camera is on Pixie's face, and her whole expression says "Whatever!"

Unexpectedly the principal lands a smack on her upper thigh; she tries to get up, with a shriek that she's got the idea now, he keeps her down. After this the spanking picks up a brisk pace. Plenty of smacks fall on the tender area just below the panty line, making Pixie grimace and yelp adorably. Soon the skirt gets flipped up and out of the way, revealing an adorable pair of raspberry-coloured panties, and David gets down to business properly.

He is probably the fastest hand-spanker your reviewer has ever seen, and the panties aren't helping Pixie one little bit, because most of the smacks land on the unprotected areas - including the sit-spot and upper thighs. Pixie tries very hard to be brave, but can't help squirming and kicking out at particularly stingy swats.

This is clearly hurting her, but even so, every time David speaks to her, her tone is defiant: more indignant than sorry, with heaps of attitude. Reprimanded for calling the principal "Dave" she rolls her eyes. She's clearly undefeated, even though pretty soon she is bright-red down to mid-thighs.

When David tugs her panties down, Pixie reaches back to protect herself, and makes the mistake of calling him Dave again. Unamused, he holds her hand well out of the way, at the small of her back, and lets her know just what he thinks about her impudence.

Eventually Pixie is sore enough that she's ready to promise to improve her attitude. David isn't convinced at all, and makes her repeat it. She is now sounding sweet and innocent, and calling him "sir", but there's still a noticeable pout when she's lectured.

She is acting demure when she is let up, but it lasts until David reaches into a drawer to get paddle with holes, which will be the next part of her punishment. "Are you nuts?" she exclaims. And even repeats it. Obviously, she's not entirely subdued, so the paddling is justified after all.

David tells her to bend over the back of the chair, and to count the strokes. The paddling starts out quite firm, and then it escalates with each new swat. The wood leaves visible white imprints on Pixie's crimson bottom. Your review was soon wincing with sympathy at such treatment.

After the first ten strokes, the principal announces that she is to get ten more, and should count from the beginning. They are very solid swats; there's a bruise starting to form on the right cheek.

Perhaps, we should give you a spoiler warning about the rest of this episode, because the most extraordinary thing happens. Scroll to the next episode if you don't want to know what it is.

Still here? Good. After stroke 8, the paddle breaks on Pixie's bottom: its corner snaps right off and goes flying out of shot.

If you rewind and watch closely, you can see how after stroke 7 a visible crack forms on the paddle, and how the next stroke sends the piece of wood flying. It's hilarious.

Also hilariously, Principal Pierson doesn't bat an eyelid at that. "You brought my paddle, I need to get a new one," he announces matter-of-factly. Watch Pixie's face at his announcement: her jaw drops in a beautiful stunned expression, and her eyes become perfectly round, particularly when he demonstrates the damage to her. To Pixie's credit, she manages to stay in character for at least several seconds. We would much like to know what happened when the cameras finally cut. Is there any outtakes footage, Mr. Pierson? There would be much demand for it, we're sure.

Eventually, the principal returns with a new paddle: a much larger, sturdier implement, this time with no holes. It looks even scarier than the paddle defeated by Pixie's bottom. To her shocked indignation, the poor girl hears that although they had been up to 8 - and eighteen in all, we remind you - she would have to go back to five again, to compensate for breaking the paddle. We were filled with sympathy when she counted the next stroke as 6, only to be informed that it was supposed to be number 5 and would be repeated. The following strokes are really hard; her bottom grows a deep crimson colour, and watching her pained face is very moving.

When it's finally over, Pixie is allowed to stand up. The redness from the spanking is clearly visible even with her skirt smoothed down; cheerleaders' skirts are not very long on the whole. "I can't go out cheering like this!" the girl exclaims, but Dr. Pierson insists that letting the whole school know about her punishment is the whole point, and marches her out of the office by the hand.

2. "Lazy Afternoon"

Pixie is napping on the sofa, cuddling a roll of kitchen towels to her chest. The door bangs and David's voice calls out to her; the girl jumps up as though on a spring, and makes a painfully funny attempt to pretend that she's really busy with housework. When David walks in, he's far from fooled: it's obvious that although Pixie has stayed home from school to clean for the party that night, she hasn't done much progress on it at all.

David is not impressed: he has been to work and done all the shopping, and he is immensely annoyed at being let down. He pushes Pixie over the back of the sofa and starts spanking and lecturing her, holding her still by the waistband of her jeans - which are, incidentally, very tight and cute. They don't stay up for long though: David makes the girl stand up and takes the jeans down for her. A spanking over her panties follows, very fast as vigorous, and eventually the panties come down as well. The bare-bottom spanking Pixie receives is incredibly thorough. We were very alarmed at Mr. Pierson's obvious fondness for smacking girls' thighs: this looked really painful.

Nonetheless, David doesn't think this is enough of a punishment. He leaves Pixie waiting on the sofa for a minute, after which he returns with a really solid hairbrush. Pixie is horrified, but he doesn't relent; he sits on the sofa and draws her over his lap.

The spanking which follows is incredibly hard - look at the swing of David's arm and the solid impact the hairbrush makes. Pixie's bottom turns red, then goes beyond red, the brush leaving white marks. She takes it very stoically under the circumstances: although she kicks and yelps from time to time, she is able to keep from screaming. This takes a visible effort (the facial shots on this DVD are simply lovely), and we can't help but admire that. Again, the mean man lands smacks quite low on her thighs, which made your reviewer's heart skip a few beats with horror. We're not quite sure how Pixie could withstand such a hard punishment without levitating off David's lap altogether, but she's handled it admirably, although she was struggling by the end.

Finally, he lets her get up, gives her another few smacks with the brush to seal the message, and sends her on her way to finish the cleaning before the guests arrive - with her bottom bare and glowing at the camera.

3. "The Dinner Party"

The episode opens with David marching Pixie up the stairs into the bedroom. She is dressed for a dinner party: a black halter-neck dress allows the camera to linger lovingly on her cleavage as we gradually find out what happened. There is indeed a party downstairs: David's clients are visiting, but naughty girl Pixie, instead of playing a good hostess, had been insulting them.

David is furious, but Pixie tries to make light of the whole thing, claiming it's not a big deal, and the clients should act like grown-ups and get over it. Her attitude only serves to seal her fate: although David had been planning only to tell her off, and spank her after the guests are gone, seeing how unrepentant she is makes him swiftly change his mind and deal with her right away.

He sits down on the bed and draws Pixie over his knee. She gets a solid hand-spanking combined with a lecture. It's really rather thorough, covering her entire bottom and upper-thigh area in red splotches. Still, David is not satisfied, and tells her to reach out and hand him the hairbrush from the bedside table. Pixie pleads to be spared this, but he only spanks her some more in response, until she is ready to hand the brush over.

This hairbrush spanking is the hardest on this DVD. David doesn't pull his strokes. Pixie, a tough girl though we know she is, struggles to stay silent: she is begging, squirming and sniffling by the time it's over.

Such a hard punishment would be enough to get through to any girl, but there is more to come for Pixie: she has been punished for disrespect to the dinner guests, but now she is going to pay for her disrespect towards David himself.

He makes her lean over with her hands on the bed, and, with an ominous clink of the buckle, he takes off his belt. He doubles it over and immediately delivers a most almighty lash. We couldn't help cringing every time the belt came down, and as for Pixie, she is clearly in pain from very early on in this whipping.

Despite the severity of it, she obediently stays in position for every stroke, although her eyes begin to water, and she is wailing with pain.

The punishment continues until Pixie is in tears. Adorably, she fights and doesn't quite succeed to stay quiet through the final several strokes, which are no less severe, despite the punishment clearly having got through to her. Tearfully she begs not to have to go downstairs and apologise to the guests for being rude to them, but there is no respite until she has done it. David gives her a final lash to help her on her way, and not ungently, yet resolutely steers her out of the room to make her apologies.

The last film was our favorite, though the other two are also worth watching. The quality of the footage is good, with plenty of nice camera angles, close-ups and facial shots. If you like Pixie, you will like this; if you haven't seen her before, give her a try. If anything, watching an earnest enthusiast at work if a pleasure itself (and that she is brave and beautiful also helps.)

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