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Spanking Salesman

20 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 9/19/08

An oldie Imprint production found during our archeological digs. A comical portrayal about how much every young British girl is acquainted with the exquisite pleasures of corporal punishment. Blonde Julie and brunette Allison peruse a sex toy catalogue for items to entertain their boyfriends with, or maybe it's vice versa. Oliver, the catalogue salesman, stops by, carrying a briefcase of samples and a cane. We assume the cane would not fit in the sample case.

Julie serves wine and Oliver struggles to open his case. He shows the amused and very curious girls whips, paddles, vibrators, penis-shaped candles, etc. Allison narrates a flashback about an ex-boyfriend, who we see whipping her with a doubled belt on bare flesh, her panties bunched. Nothing exceptional here, but now we know Allison has some experience. Oliver has the girls handle the whips and tawses. Julie has her flashback--a boyfriend made her put on schoolgirl kit, then had her pull her own pants down in further humiliation, for 12 cane strokes. The first 6 might have been faked, but the second six-we watch the stripes emerge on her bottom.

When we return from this flashback, a spanking demonstration is underway. Both girls are kneeling up, pants at the knees, and Oliver is tawsing and whipping the bottoms side-by-side and is very excited about it. The bottoms are bruised and flecked, more banged up than the strokes we have seen. The girls kick their little high heels in discomfort.

It turns out Oliver is a phony, sent by Julie's way-out boyfriend as a gag. There is a positive, of course. A new threshold has been established for spending time with Julie.

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