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Site Status Update Feb 2010- The site is active, but doesn't appear to have changed much since my 2005 review. Everything looks the same including the member's preview, so I'd have to venture to guess that not much as been done to the members are or much has been added in the five years since I reviewed it. The cost of a membership is 12.00 USD for 30 days.

UPDATED REVIEW: 2/7/05 by John O'Connell

There have been some updates and improvements since I looked at this site last. The layout and format is still mostly the same, all of the content to this particular site is available on one page when you first log in. However, there are some major changes worth noting. First and foremost is the elimination of the streaming video and the ability to save all clips as either a Windows Movie file or Real Movie file. Everyone knows how I can't stand streaming video, so this was a big plus dumping that for clips that can be saved to the hard drive. Some other changes are the deletion of the survey page. I'm not sure why they got rid of that, but it's history. Another big plus is the AVS crap is gone. So now it's just straight membership with no click here, click this, look at this blowjob site, ect ect ect. Another improvement is all spankings are now on the bare bottom. Before they were only over jeans or panties, which while not bad in of itself, when we pay for access to a site we want to see the globes. The photos have also improved, with a bit better resolution and bare bottom scenarios. The only real downside now is that they only put on 1, maybe 2, clips a month. Not really worth a recurring membership just yet. But, we were told that the owners of the site have hopes of putting together more content in the near future. But, for the price, it's not bad for what you get the first time around. The site has a preview area that shows you a small thumbnail of all the clips on the site with a short description including run time for the clip. So, they are very upfront as to what the exact content is on the site. The girls are cute, so take a look at the samples if you are looking for something new.

Spanking Scenes is a relatively new website that I came upon somewhat by chance. The site offers original content with a sorority initiation theme. I thought this was different, and decided to give them a try. An AVS is required in order to gain access to a preview area, which you can then purchase a regular membership. The part that struck me as somewhat odd is that it does not appear as though you can just purchase a membership without entering the AVS area. So, if you don't have an AVS ID, you can't purchase a membership. Upon entering the membership area, I thought the content was rather interesting, so I decided to purchase a membership. At a cost of $12.00 a month, I thought it was a fair price, given the going rates of website access these days. The membership area offers a few options. There is a photo gallery, a video gallery, a spanking experiences section, a survey, and an area where you can submit comments. The photo gallery has between 400 and 500 photos, all unique to this company. None of the photos, however, have any nudity or bare bottoms. Spankings are only issued over the pants, or on the panties. The closest you get is when a girl has her panties wedged up her butt to expose her cheeks. I could deal with that, however the 320X240 resolution is another story. In this day and age, there is no pay website that should not have high resolution photos. Even 640X480 would have been nice. However, that is not where my disappointment in this site ends. I went to the video section, and they have a nice selection of just over 20 unique videos in Real Media format. The screen size varies depending upon which connection speed you select. The videos are approximately 1-2 minutes in length and like the photos, do not feature any nudity. Again, I could deal with this, except you can only watch the videos on the site. The videos are in streaming video format and can not be saved to your hard drive. I honestly can not think of any other time I have come across pre-recorded videos that you were not allowed to save to your hard drive. Why would you do this? Not everyone has cable and DSL and may just want to save the video to their hard drive and watch it later. Not to mention, this must kill their bandwidth. There is also no mention of how often the site is updated. At any rate, if you want to see some pretty cute girls get spanked or paddled over their pants or panties and don't mind now being able to save the video, then you should check this site out. Otherwise, save your $12.00 for now and wait until they change their format and allow you to at least save the videos to your hard drive.

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