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3rd Review Review by Ludwig (first published at Ludwig's Rohrstock-Palast posted to SPReview on 12/26/08

Spanking Server is a paysite run by the producers of Pain4Fem. It offers short, action-driven spanking clips instead of their usual full-length movies, but they use the same models, props and locations, and the general feel of the material is very similar. Basically, it's your average P4F video reduced to the bare (ahem!) essentials, without any story or scripted dialogue. As always with this producer, the girls are gorgeous, the technical craftsmanship is good and the results are really easy on the eyes.

The site has been online since early 2006 and there is a huge number of Spanking Server clips, but only a fraction of them is available in the archives at any given time. Actually, the way in which the content is posted and changed needs a bit of explanation. To begin with, there is the recent material. The advertising claims that the website features "a never-before-seen clip for every day", and indeed, a selection of seven new videos is added every Friday. It replaces the one from the previous week, which is taken down.

In addition to the weekly videos, the members area has three permanent "monthly packages" of old material from the beginnings of Spanking Server. Each package contains 28 clips (four weeks, hence four times seven). Moreover, there is a growing number of high quality picture galleries, some 11,000 photographs at the time of this writing. They are permanent as well. Last but not least, there is some rotating content: one more package of 28 old video clips, and one full-length Pain4Fem movie for download. The package is changed on the 1st of every uneven month (January, March, and so forth), and the full-length movie is changed on the 1st of every even month (February, April...).

In other, simpler words, this is what you get during a one-month subscription: 28 recent video clips, between 112 and 140 archived clips, one or two free Pain4Fem movies, and countless picture galleries. Of course, if you continue your subscription, you get more. But you can't download everything from Spanking Server all at once, unless you pay extra for their older clip packages.

I'm in two minds about this. On the one hand, I'm not a fan of blatant "keep your members subscribed and paying" schemes. Like everyone else, I prefer a complete archive, which is what most spanking websites have. On the other hand, it must be said that there is still a lot on offer here: at any time, you will find 150 clips, thousands of photos and one full-length movie. Which is not a bad deal for the price, especially considering the high quality of the material. As well as that, I expect them to add more permanent stuff as the site grows.

In terms of pure, unapologetic eye candy, this is certainly one of the most consistently attractive CP sites on the net. Most of the girls are Czech vanilla pornstars like Angelika, Belicia, Billy Raise, Daria Glower, Hannah Black, Katerina, Kitty Saliery, Lucie Kr., Rachel Evans, Sandra Sanchez, Sunny Jay, Virus Vellons... I don't watch all that much regular porn anymore, but even I recognise some of them. Anyway, the list goes on and on. As we all know, you can't live on candy forever, but viewers looking for a quick and glamourous "eurobabe fix" will find that Spanking Server does the trick.

There is also a lot of variety in the action. Hand spankings, strappings, paddlings, canings and all the usual chastisements are available. In addition, there is a fair share of single-tail whippings, something you don't normally find on spanking sites (on the other hand, many sites featuring the whip don't offer this much classical spanking material). As far as the number and the even distribution of implements is concerned, "Spanking Server" surpasses most of the competition. Moreover, the videos show many different CP positions, ranging from OTK to "hands above the head" floggings. Caning benches, wooden horses, pillories and other restraining devices are used frequently. The majority of punishments is administered to the bottom, but there are also back whippings, breast whippings, pussy spankings et cetera.

While the variety is impressive, the clips themselves are short (usually between three and five minutes) and straightforward. They only feature one girl, one implement and a minimum of fuss. The victim is lead into the room, the clothes go off, she is restrained, spanked for a while, then she is untied and gets dressed again, and the scene ends. There is little or no dialogue and we don't know why the punishment is taking place. Pain4Fem seem to have an "all or nothing" approach: they either produce this, or they produce elaborate full-length movies, with nothing in between.

Company leader Peter Schober and his well-known female companion from the P4F films do most of the topping on Spanking Server, but the girls themselves also swing the whip or cane once in a while. Overall, there is a good balance between M/F and F/F action. In terms of severity, most of it is fairly light to moderate. Harder scenes do exist, but they are pretty rare. It's the drawback of using vanilla pornstars: not all of them want to take a proper beating, and the ones who do are often saved up for the longer productions.

The videos are in Real Media format, the older ones with a resolution of 400 x 320 pixels (700 kb/s), the more recent updates with 720 x 576 pixels (1000 kb/s). Together with the numerous photo galleries, they make for a polished, pleasant and high-quality spanking site. Despite shortcomings like the rotating content scheme or the lack of story, Spanking Server is well worth checking out and an absolute must-see for Pain4Fem fans.

Updated Review by Ronald Scott posted on 3/14/08

In the 10 months since my first review of there have been many changes and improvements. The video resolution has changed from 400 x 320 pixels (700 kbs) to 720x576 pixels (1000 kbs) a significant upgrade in the sharpness of the image at a fixed window size OR an increase in the size of the largest window that can be used for viewing. The number of available photos (accessible in all monthly memberships) is now greatly increased to 8,500 photos. And these are hi-res photos, not the low res video stills available at many spanking websites. The number of girls has also increased to 78 girls.

One of the biggest changes is the unique "have it your way" feature at the Spanking Video Club sub-site of at . Here, if you do not want a simple monthly membership, you can choose "clip sets" organized by Type of Punishment (whipping, caning, breast whipping, otk, several others) or Models (20 girls to choose from and more to come). Each set of 12 videos costs 11.99 Euro.

Also the number of DVDs available has increased greatly from 3 to 17 organized again by model and type of punishment with a few general collection DVDs also available. DVDs in PAL or NTSC format are either 49.95 Euro or 59.95 Euro each and the three-box collections are 134.95 Euro or 149.95 Euro. Please note that the DVD box actually contains TWO DVDs, not one. And each DVD has fifteen 2 -5 minute video clips included (30 clips per DVD container).

As noted in my original review, the scenarios are fairly similar (girl undresses, is tied up, punished at some length, and dresses again) but this is made up for by both the outstanding beauty and sexuality of most of the girls and the quality of the production but also by the huge variety of apparatus, types of whips, canes and straps, and historical setting and dress. The only negative is that the caning and otk and pussy whipping videos show too many clear views of the girl's genitalia for my taste. But that is MY taste and may not be yours.

I also want to note again the excellent preview material available for this site including 11 hi-res sample video clips as well as a huge number of medium-res preview photos in the 3 galleries. There is also a "hidden" photo preview available at the "Our Girls" link (left margin of home page) where about 6 HI-RES photos of each girl can be found. This is the ONLY site I can think of that provides an extensive selection of hi-res photos of their material.

Of course this all comes at a cost !!! The monthly membership is 23.99 Euro for the first month and 19.99 Euro for following months AND this ONLY includes the current months video clips PLUS the first 12 weeks of clips (called Archives). Each additional month of later archives cost 19.99 Euro for members and 23.99 Euro for non-members. These are high prices because they do not include access to the entire archives. However, in my opinion these prices (and the fairly high DVD prices) are justified by the exceptional quality of the material offered. Also this is one of the only sites to have a really HUGE selection of bare-back whipping and a smaller selection of breast whipping available.

Original Guest Review by Ronald Scott posted on 4/20/07

I recently came upon a new spanking/caning/whipping site and found it has EXCELLENT content. This is a new site from, an Eastern European (Slovakia) company that has released some of the better spanking videos for the last two years starting with Illegal Download, later Strict Prison and other titles you may recognize. (Their latest release, The Spy, features Niki Flynn who recently stared in's The Conspiracy as well as several Lupus films).

However, has different content than The whipping videos particularly stand out because the girls are both cuter and younger (or at least younger-looking) than on other whipping sites. And the doms are excellent (especially the woman) and add something to the experience. The punishments are fairly severe but not as severe as some other sites (Mood and Lupus for example).

The only drawback is that the scenarios are mostly very similar. But the quality of the material makes up for this.

The video clips range in length from 2 to about 5 minutes. They are in Real Media format with a size of 400 x 320 pixels, have **HIGH** 700Kbit/sec quality and can easily be viewed full screen if one gets back a couple of feet from the monitor.

There is also a large archive of hi-resolution photos ALL of which are available to members. These are to be distinguished from video stills which are generally fuzzy when there is fast motion and of somewhat lower resolution.

Membership in the Spanking Server site is $29.95 US for the first month, and $24.95 US from the second month on. This provides access to all the current month's video clips PLUS the first 12 weeks of clips (called Archives) after the site first went online. Each additional month of later archives costs $24.95. Hence unlike most online spanking sites, the membership fee does NOT provide access to ALL the videos released since the site's creation. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT DIFFERENCE AND SHOULD BE NOTED. Also each Friday, 7 new video clips are posted and the 7 from last week are removed so to receive all the current month's video clips one must login to the site at least once a week. As noted above the restrictions on video clips does NOT apply to the photo archive.

If you are interested, they have a lot of preview material (more than most other spanking sites) at the Free Preview link at the top left on their home page.

They also offer DVDs (3 at the moment) organized by the type of content.

If you check this site out, I think you will like it.

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: I also took out a membership for the purpose of reviewing this site. Since I can not add anything else to what Ronald states, I will only post his review. I think it's a pretty good site, although it would be better if you could access all of the archives like many other sites and not have to purchase them for an additional cost.

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