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Spanking Server Vol 1

Produced by Diseno Media
Variety of scenes from their website
Running Time 127 minutes
Reviewed by: John O'Connell

When I saw the Pain4Fem people were putting the content from their website on DVD, I thought that was great. Many people still feel uncomfortable downloading a lot of content from the internet to their computers. Others either have limited access or have slower connections, making it difficult to download larger files. And even for files that are very good in quality, they don't always quite measure up to a DVD. Having reviewed the site, I was interested in seeing how the clips on the DVD measured up to the quality of the clips.

Not surprising, while the clips are pretty good, the DVD looks much better in full screen. And, because of the amount of content, this title comes with 2 DVDs to look through for 30 scenes in total. It would take you over 2 hours to watch all the scenes and there isn't much you can skip through if you want to see all the action. These clips get right to the point, so there isn't any plot or story to listen to. Yet, that doesn't deter from the variety of the scenes. I won't describe all 30, but instead give you a brief synopsis. There are a good number of models, so every type is there for you. Long hair, short hair, brunette, blonde, big chest, little chest, its all there. And the variety of wardrobe is nice too. You won't see the same thing over and over. Some are meant to be in modern times, while others feature vintage clothes.

What's really nice about this selection too is the variety in the punishments. There really is a little of everything here. Over the knee spanking, caning, paddling, strapping, whipping, and even pussy spanking. It's all there. Very rare can you find a DVD that literally has something for everyone, but I think this is one of them. Whatever your interest within spanking, there is at least one scene that fits it. Let's face it, sometimes you want a great and interesting story. Other times, you just want to see a bunch of get down to business spanking scenes. This selection fits the bill. You get everything under one cover.

Even though I saw a number of these clips on the site when I did the review, I still enjoyed watching the DVDs. The cost is $59.99 EUR, which to be honest, I'm not exactly sure what that translates into American dollars at the present moment. But for over 2 hours of non stop spanking action covering 30 different scenes, I think that's a decent price given what your average spanking DVD goes for. I'll save it for another review, but they also have more interest specific DVDs, such as caning or whipping only.

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