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Site Status Update Feb 2010- Site is active and states that it is updating with a lot of new content every month, however there really isn't any preview area that shows exactly what each update entails or how often the update take place. Cost of membership is 24.95 USD for 30 days.

Review posted 2/14/05 by John O'Connell

I recently became aware of this stop on the Spanking Line called the Spanking Station. Curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to head down to the local depot, pay my fair, walk through the turnstile and take the ride over to this place that peaked my interest. While the cars twisted and turned on the track, I read the bulletin board that said "If we say we have something here, that means we have it in the members area. If we say we have 20,000+ pictures, then that is what we have. No exceptions!" I thought, great, this must be one kick ass site. The advertisements didn't say much on where the content came from, so my best guess is a majority of it comes from various places on the internet. Newsgroups perhaps? My thoughts were broken by the conductor announcing that the Spanking Station was coming up next. I rose from my seat, waited patiently for the train to come to a stop, and then exited the car. There are five areas to this site. Photos, videos, stories, personals, and audio clips.

My first stop was the photo area. The galleries are broken down by type. There is M/F spanking which is further broken down into hand or implement spanking. F/F which is broken down into the same two categories. Sets, Women Spanking Men, BDSM, Extreme, XXX Pics, and other assorted photo galleries. Each gallery is then broken down into a series of thumbnails, with each one being linked to another page. That page then features a set of thumbnails (most of which are of the set/series variety). Each thumbnail opens up to a full size photo, although the size of the image varies. Some are not what I consider the best, but considering this is pretty much one giant internet collection, they can't really be responsible for image quality. There are also some that are of a higher resolution. The parts that's a little confusing is that some of the other non-spanking categories lead to other pages. For instance, the extreme section brings you to another site and asks you for a password for that site. So, that seems like a bit of a waste to me. Same holds true with the XXX and soft core photos. While many of the photos are present, they are actually part of a different website. And as with extreme, some ask for a site specific set of credentials. My opinion is that these photos are included to get the total number up to over 20,000 photos. I was a little disappointed in that category, as given that statement they made on the sign up area of the site, I expected there to be 20,000 spanking photos. Not a mix of everything else tossed in.

Moving to the video clip page, all of the clips are accessed through text links that bring you to pages that hold two or three titles a piece. Each title has a range of clips depending upon how long the feature is. I was surprised at the vast number of older Spanking Online clips that were present in this area. While I did expect to recognize a fair amount of the clips, I thought there would be a bigger variety of production companies. All of these clips, even the non-SOL ones, are older coding, so the quality and size isn't up to the same standards of the new clips being produced today. The exception to the rule is a few of the new spanking movies that they had added in recent times. They are of a better quality and larger viewing format. Whether or not this standard will continue or not, I can not say.

The next section is the Story page. Here you will find over 50 stories, some of which are broken down into several pages due to the volume of the story. This is actually a nice page for those that enjoy reading spanking novels and stories. Then there are the personals. Pretty self explanatory there, postings from individuals that are looking to either spank or be spanked. The final part to the Spanking Station is the audio clip area. Currently, there are 12 wav files that leave the visual part of the program up to the imagination of the listener.

So, after visiting all the areas of the site, I waited at the platform for the train to return and then reflected on my experiences on the ride back home. My thoughts on this site are somewhat mixed. There is no doubt there is a mountain of content on this site. If you are someone that doesn't look through the newsgroups or have not signed up to a bunch of sites before and would like to expand your collection of spanking material, this is an excellent place to do that. However, if you've been around the block and have a large collection of photos and clips, it is unlikely you will find anything new or of interest since a majority of the content has been taken from other sources. With all the competition making their own content, the bar has been raised for me. I've seen most of the content on this site before, so it really didn't do much for me. In my opinion, this site appeals to the person looking to start a collection or that is new in the spanking world. But for those that have been around for a while, it's not really worth the $24.95 a month.

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