Spanking the Maid

Running Time: 60 Mins
Reviewed by John O'Connell, producer/webmaster

In many cases, spanking videos can be just as creative and entertaining as mainstream productions. Although the primary area of interest is spanking, it's always nice to see some thought and effort put into a production. To me, the dialogue is very important and can be the defining difference between a good video, and a great one. This video really does have it all, pretty models, entertaining dialogue, and a ton of good old fashion spanking.

The first part of the production starts off with Lucy cleaning the house with some classical music playing in the background. Lucy is an adorable young lady with light brown hair and is dressed in the traditional maid outfit. We then switch to see the Master of the Estate, Lionel, sitting in a chair talking on the telephone. He is commenting on how wonderful and beautiful his new maid is. He tells his friend that she is a bit "too perfect" and would like him to dig up some dirt on her so he might have an excuse to spank her. We now see Lucy out in the garden doing some work out there, and Lionel is observing her from a window. He is just busting out at the seams with anticipation, hoping his friend will find something out about her. He is just infatuated with this one and must find a way to punish her. Well, the friend does find out some info about some misdoings that Lucy was involved with, and he could barely hold back his excitement. He nearly skipped to the mantle where Lucy was dusting to speak with her. He asks her some questions about how she is fitting and then out of the blue, bang, I know what you did and I may have to send you take a spanking.

Another maid has fastened her ear to the door to listen in on what's going on. Think this is wrong? Don't worry, she'll get hers later. Lionel, barely able to contain himself, opens Lucy's blouse (it's a one piece thing, but you know what I'm getting at) and has her remove her bra. He is quite delighted with the site of her chest and has her cover up for the first part of the punishment, but tells her to "keep those available". He actually tells her he is happy that he found out this information and is going to be able to "save" her by punishing her and setting her on the right path. We learn that she has never been spanked before and is a bit horrified by this proposition (some of the expressions on her face are quite good, I actually felt sorry for her at one point). Over the knee she goes and he spanks her over the black panties. She lets out a few yells, but he doesn't seem to take any notice, he's too busy enjoying himself. Next, the panties come down and he continues on the bare. She protests and says she'll be a good girl, but he just doesn't seem to think so. It is now time for her to stand, and he will assist her in removing her uniform. Of course, it is necessary to touch the boobs as he helps her take the uniform over her head. This is great, you almost are waiting for him to jump up and down and start clapping his hands with excitement. Really, if I got to spank someone that looked like her, this is exactly how I'd feel. Never mind all this righteous holier than thou crap, this guys is loving every minute of this, as he should. He's giddied by the little tattoo she has near her groin and is now confirming that she in deed has been a naughty girl. He gives her a few slaps on the bare while standing up before having her lean on the mantle for a little action with the birch. She doesn't look to happy about this and is forced to count each stroke by saying "one, thank you sir". Of course, she messes this up and receives an extra for good measure. After her "10", she is now crying and he is just so delighted with himself. She is made to go clean naked and will remain that way for the rest of the day, but not before telling Lionel "thank you for being so kind".

Part 2. We find 2 maids standing side by side looking like they are the cat that just ate the canary. Lionel's nephew enters to confront them about some unacceptable behavior. The girl on the left is a tall brown haired cutie, while the one of the left has darker hair and is somewhat short (also a cutie). While talking to them, the tall girl actually giggles, which goes over like a fart in church. This guy is ready to spanks some butts and he's ready to do it now. The short one goes over his knee, uniform up, and is spanked over her white panties. Gentle he is not, the slaps sounds like bricks banging together. We find out that this girl's name is Eldra and that she had a boy in her room. Loud noises were heard coming from said room, and well, this is just not something we can have here. After a few moments of spanking and scolding, the panties come down and the spanking continues on the bare. He wants to know if it was worth having the boy in her room, which right now she doesn't seem to think it was. He then has her stand up with her panties around her ankles, and it's now the tall one's turn. Over the knee she goes and it's hard spanking time over her white panties. Apparently, this one had a woman in her room and the same noises were heard coming from within. Nice. She tends to "ouch" and "ow" after every slap, so this annoys him. He actually tells her to shut up at one point. "Since she likes the feminine touch", he has the other girl pull down her panties. That was great line, I actually laughed out loud at that one. The spanking then finished up on her bare behind.

This is the part where it gets a little strange. The color changes to and old fashion black and white (with a little hint of gold tint) and all you hear is classical music playing. I think this is one of the British things in which you have to be from that side of the ocean to get the meaning. At any rate, Eldra is forced to strip naked and is spanked over the knee with a small hand paddle. He then pours champagne over her butt while she is standing. The other one gets similar treatment, with a naked spanking. They both are given a few strokes of the cane, before having their bums doused with champagne again. He gives them a few slaps on the bum while standing, before pouring more champagne on their chests. This closes out the 2nd part of the video. Would have been better if it was in color, but I'm sure there is an underlying reason as to why it was done this way.

Last and not least, it is our snooping maids turn to get a does of good ol' fashion bum beating. Nephew arrives to have his drink and tell her he has been hearing some disturbing news. She was caught listening at the door when Lucy was being punished by Lionel. Uh oh, busted. She tries to explain her way out of it, but it's too late. She has "been found guilty and I'm here to pass justice". She is pulled over his knee to the words "let the battle commence". Never heard it put that way before, but I liked it. She is given a sound spanking over her white panties, which shortly thereafter are pulled down for some bare bottom action. She seems to be taking the spanking well until he takes out a little paddle that he has in his suit coat pocket (just never know when you're going to need one). That gets a bit of a rise out of her. But, that just doesn't seem to do the trick, and it's time to give our nosey servant a little does of the cane. She is bent over in front of the mantle just so, and our "marksman" gets ready to lock and load. She reaches back and rubs her panty clad bum after the first one, which is only the beginning. After 3 strokes, he announces "I was going to let you keep your dignity by keeping your underwear on, but that has been removed as an option". I actually rewound it so I could hear him say it again. He issues a few more strokes before pouring himself a drink (after all, caning is hard work). The last two are the hardest, which will give her something to remember. She asks "is that it?" and of course, he gives her one more for good measure (around 15 strokes all together). Finally, she must thank him for the thrashing before being allowed to go on her merry way.

Yes, this review was a bit longer than some of my previous ones, but this was without a doubt worth going over every fine detail. The thought put into the script was refreshing and enjoyable. I hung on every sentence waiting for the next one liner. The girls were great, it was a believable scenario with believable reactions. The spankings were hard and the quality of the audio and video was good. Just a good production all around, I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Nice work Paradox.

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