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Site Status Update Feb 2010- Site is still active and believe it or not, has the same videos as it did back in 2003. I can not see anything new that was added from the looks of the free area. The price is also still the same at 34.95 USD for 30 days.

Posted 12/8/03

Spanking TV is a website that posts full version videos in Windows Media format from different UK companies. Strictly English, SMART, Bottom Line, and a few others production companies have titles represented on this site. The navigation into the members area is very simple. Once you're in, the list of videos available for download is right there. That's it, no place else to go. The icons to the right of the sample photo for each video indicate that there may be other formats to download the video clips in sometime in the future, but as of right now Windows Media is the only format available. Each film is broken down into 5-8 parts on average, each that are about 14 MB a piece. You must download each clip seperately and there is not a large file that has the entire title on it. Currently there are 23 titles on the site with updates averaging every 2 weeks. It appeared to me during my membership time that new title was added once a month, with the 2nd update being additional clips. The quality of the clips are about average, so not the best and not the worst out there. I think this is a decent site if you are looking to preview a bunch of videos before purchasing, or if you prefer to have videos in some form of computer file. However, with limited updates, the $35 a month price tag might be a bit much for people to continue a membership once the first month is up.

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