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Site Status Update Feb 2010- The site is still active, although from the free area I'm unsure as to how often it updates and with what kind of material. It appears from the graphics that it holds a collection of various clips from the Real Spankings family of sites. But, with no update page, it would be hard to say for sure what is being added if anything. The cost of a membership is 16.50 for 30 days.

Given that fact we review videos, I found this website of particular interest. The site has video clips from MoonGlow, Rigid East, Nu-West, Amateur Spankings, Red Hot Video, Real Spanking Video Productions, Sting in the Tail, and more. There are also several sections with various video clips. For the mainstream sections, each production company has it's own area with a list of videos that are online to view. Each video has approximately 10 clips that last between 30 seconds and 2 minutes, all of which are in Real Media format. I was happy to see more than one or two clips for each video, I think this gives the viewer a real chance to see what's on the actual video instead of just a few seconds. There is also a good variety within many of the production companies. Amateur Spankings for instance has 13 different videos to choose from. There are also several sections for quick downloads, long play clips, severe, male submissive, and miscellaneous. They say there are over 700 clips online, and although I didn't count for myself, I believe it. If you get a membership, prepare to do some serious downloading. The cost is $15.00 a month, which is pretty fair. Again this company owns several other sites, including and Brandi's and Jessica's site, so it's too bad they didn't offer a package plan. If you are new into spanking videos and don't know where to shop first, this might not be a bad investment to see what some of the different companies have to offer.

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