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Spanking WebCam

Natali DeMoore
Chelsea Pfeiffer
Running Time: 30 minutes
Review by Pixie

In Spanking Web Cam, Natali, a charming red head, and Sinn, an adorable brunette, are the stars of a live web cam spanking site. The video opens with the two girls reading over some special scene requests from their fans. With Chelsea stopping by for the day, Sinn and Natali decide on a domestic spanking scene followed by a school paddling scene for the day's broadcast.

The first scene starts out with teen daughter, Natali, telling friend, Sinn, that she's asked her mom to spank her one last time before she goes off to college. Natali explains to her bewildered friend that she and her mom haven't been getting along lately and she hopes a spanking will clear the air. Just as Mom, Chelsea, enters the room carrying a nasty looking strap and hardwood paddle, Natali is caught saying she doesn't think her mom will even spank her that hard. Mom quickly promises that Natali will learn just how wrong she is, and to make things a bit more embarrassing, insists that Sinn stay and watch her daughter be taken to task.

Placed over her mom's lap, Natali starts off receiving a firm hand spanking first over her short plaid skirt and then over her lacy white panties. Sinn looks on with a smile as Natali kicks and protests, and when Natali begs for her panties not to be taken down, she taunts her by calling her a baby and telling her to take it. Sinn continues to look on with delight as Natali is paddled firmly as punishment for all of her bad behavior over the past few years. Finally, Natali's spanking draws to a finish with ten licks of the strap on her very red and sure to be very sore bottom.

Sinn's amusement quickly comes to an end when Chelsea announces that it's her turn to be spanked for having mouthed off the entire time instead of learning a lesson from Natali's spanking. Now it's Natali's turn to sit back and enjoy. Sinn first gets spanked over her jeans much to her dismay and loud protests. Then it's time for the pants to come down revealing Sinn's blue thong and rosy cheeks and the hand spanking continues as Sinn cries out and bucks wildly. Just as with Natali, Chelsea peppers Sinn's bottom with firm smacks of the fearsome looking paddle. Natali smugly says, "it isn't so easy, is it?" to which Sinn must admit it isn't. After a brief respite, Sinn must take ten with the strap just like her friend.

The second scene opens with Sinn and Natali bent over, hands placed flat on a low table, denim clad bottoms positioned to receive a disciplinary paddling. Chelsea paces behind them holding a wood paddle, looking quite stern. Alternating between the girls, Chelsea applies the paddle while lecturing them on the dangers of smoking. The girls jump, yelp, and plead for the spanking to end, but Chelsea decides that to make sure they are sincere in their promise to never smoke again, they must take their jeans and panties down to receive the remainder of their spanking on the bare.

Chelsea is gracious enough to start the girls off with a hand spanking on their bare bottoms, though it is far from light. The girls' cheeks grow increasingly red as their cries grow increasingly loud. Despite their pleas that they can't take any more, it's time for the paddle again; this time 1 swat for each cigarette each girl smoked. Natali is first to go and receives 11 hard swats of the paddle. She must have been very focused on her burning buns because she does not seem concerned that she's come out of her halter top. Having smoked the remainder of the cigarettes in the pack, Sinn struggles to count out each of the nine swats she has earned. Natali's and Sinn's punishment finally over, the girls are allowed to stand up and rub their well spanked bottoms.

With hard hitting action, cute girls, and of course, the one and only Chelsea Pfeiffer, what's not to love?

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