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M/F reviewed by the webmaster

I've seen a few videos from this company and they don't strike me as a discipline type of spanking company. Meaning, that the videos are not as hard core as some of the other companies and might even be better suited for couples to watch. This video has 3 scenes to it. The first opens with an older brunette coming home from shopping. She has purchased some new lingerie and tries on her new purple satin (or maybe silk) panties. Hubby comes in and is unhappy with her spending and is going to punish her. She is wearing a dark skirt and top with black stockings. He brings his wife over his knee and spanks her by hand. First on the skirt, then panties, and then on the bare bottom. During the spanking, you do get some glimpses between the legs. He then grabs a hairbrush and spanks her somemore on her bare behind. He'll switch back and forth between his hand and the hairbrush a few times. Decent spanking, but not overly hard. The next scene has two girls that want to be spanked. Our male spanker is more than happy to comply with their desires. The first girl is a brunette with a black dress, black fishnet stockings, and a black thong. The other girl is a blonde with a blue dress and black panties. Both girls are not bad looking, but look somewhat slutty. Anyway, the brunette is first over the knee followed by the same treatment for the blonde. The brunette is then bent over the table where she is strapped with her dress up (thong is never removed or lowered). The blonde is then bent over, panties removed, and is spanked with a ruler. Then the brunette gets some with the ruler followed by some strap action for the blonde. Then they both are bent over together and spanked with his hand. That ends scene two. Again, action is moderate at best. The last scene was my favorite of the three. A thin cute brunette is in bed with her husband. She apparantly had some ciggarettes, which she wasn't supposed to. She wants her husband to spank her, as she was "very naughty" and doesn't want to do it again. She is wearing a grey sweather and pink pajama type pants with no panties. He gets the chair and puts in the middle of the room and pulls her over his lap. He warms up on her pants and then pulls them down, just below her cheeks. The fall down and eventually come off. He spanks on her bare butt for a rather lenghty time, but the slaps are really that hard. He rubs her butt and kisses it, as well as leaning over and kisses her face. Sort of a lovey dovey spanking. Anyway, after a while, he has her stand up and lifts up her sweater. A pillow is placed on the seat of the chair and is is placed over the chair and he spanks her in this position. Again, he spanks her with his hand for a while and rubs himself agains her butt. He fingers her between spanks and then eventually has her stand up again. He is kissing her and slaps her butt at the same time while they are standing up. After a minute or two of this, it's back over the chair for the final round. I don't think the slaps are that hard, but it is a rather lenghty spanking and she is pretty cute. The video is an hour long.

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