Spank My Bottom

Any normal heterosexual male can not help but have goose bumps and chills when Rosaleen says "spank my bottom". The hair on the back of my neck has stood up just typing it. Perhaps it's her voice or her "world's most spank able bottom", but Rosaleen has set the spanking world on fire (pun intended). Her videos and website ventures have left the spanking community clamoring and demanding for more. One thing that makes her so grand, in my opinion, is her personality. In addition to being a star on the screen, she is one off the screen as well. She has her own Yahoo group in which she communicates with her fan base and answers emails from anyone that wishes to send her a note. This type of fan appreciation is no different when it comes to her new site, Spank My Bottom. In SMB, she communicates to her fans through video clip interviews and her own personal diary. Oh yeah, she gets spanked too. You will be brought into a delightful world of fantasy that features Rosaleen being punished in a variety of ways. Whether it's the naughty maid or the indignant schoolgirl, Rosaleen finds new and fresh ways to entertain you each week. Some of the features include video clips, both longer and shorter ones, photo galleries, and the special diary section. Photos are high resolution and generally correspond with the video clips. The clips range in length depending upon which section they are in and are of good quality. The punishments are well rounded and leave Rosaleen with a very sore bottom. This in of itself would have kept fans content until the next update. However, there is another section within the site. Well known Spanking Online actress Elizabeth Simpson has a special place of honor here as well. Elizabeth is the one who hands out the punishment to Rosaleen, so therefore it is only fitting that she have a spot to highlight some of her work "on the bottom". There are high resolution galleries, short clips, and long clips featuring the lovely Elizabeth being spanked, caned, and punished into submission. By the time you are finished perusing the two areas of the site, you should be spanked out. If you are not, then you need to seek some serious counseling. Although the site has only been operational for a short period of time, there is already a fair amount of content with two updates being loaded each week. All of the content featured is new to SMB, so each week's material is brand new. For fans of spanking and Rosaleen alike, this site is top notch.

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