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Site Status Update Feb 2010- The site is still active, but not sure how much it's being updated. The layout is exactly the same as it was several years ago with the exact same description. There is no preview of recent updates, so I decided to pass on doing an updated review even though you can get a 7 day preview for 7.99 USD. A 30 day membership costs 24.95.

This is a pay site that is definitely different. Most out there have photos and videos, but the main selling point to this site is a scheduled spanking sessions that you can view live from your PC. Once a day at various times for 5 out of 7 days there is a live session that can feature just about any scenario. You have a choice of several camera angles to choose from in a few different formats. So, if one doesn't work with your internet connection, there are a few options. I did get to see one show and have to say it was pretty decent. I wasn't sure what to expect and they put on a nice show. Doing a live feed onto the internet isn't easy, or cheap, but they make it work. But, as they say on the knife commercials, wait there's more. There is also a photo gallery, which are in high resolution. There is also a video section that has a good amount of real media and windows videos that feature Chloe and the other girls on Spankocam. There is a small audio section that features sound files from punishments. There is also a large section of webcam grabs. The grabs are in lower resolution, but you get a ton of them. Sit back and take some time to look through this section. It does give you a good idea of the various scenarios that have been done in the past. There is also a slide show section and a few other bonus things thrown in. Now we get to everyone's favorite part, the price. Well, for one month it's $24.95 with the option to subscribe for three months for $59.95. However, you do have the option of having a $7.99 one week trial deal. You get full access to the site for the week, but if you choose to keep it, you have to pay the $24.95 after the one week is up. Really good site with a lot to see. If you like quality still images, this might not be for you. But if you want to see live streaming videos and files of unique footage that can't be seen anywhere else, check it out. If you're not sure, you can always do the one week trial and then cancel if you don't like it.

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