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Site Status Update Feb 2010- Site is still active and I believe updating, although there is no recent updates page in the free area. It's hard to tell what's going on since there is no information in the free sections that have dates on them. Cost of membership is $19.95 USD for 30 days.

Review by John O'Connell posted on 12/19/08

Spank That Brat is a relatively new site that was created by Audrey Knight and Abigail Whittaker with Audrey doing the spanking and Abigail doing the receiving. With the rising popularity of Abigail (Girls Boarding School, Firm Hand, and others) it doesn't come as a surprise that she would soon be featured in her own site. The pair make for a good team largely due to their real life relationship. They work well together and make the scenes that much more enjoyable. Both girls are quite attractive and if your heart doesn't pick up a beat or two when Abigail lowers her pants, then you probably need defibrilation. She takes a pretty good spanking too. The only sad part is we never get to see the roles reversed, but who knows, maybe one day. In addition to Abigail, new models are being introduced as well. Amongst them are Punished Brats models Sarah Gregory and Chloe Eloise, whom have gained immense popularity over the last year or so. I guess with a name like Spank That Brat, it is only fitting to have a few models that work for Punished Brats.

Since the site is only a few months old, the amount of content online is not gigantic. But, there is a decent amount and they have done a good job shooting new material and keeping the site interesting with new content every week. The content is arranged by model with both photos and videos available. The photos and videos are in separate places with no link in between, so you'll have to navigate back and forth between the sections if you want to view the photos and videos of a particular scene. Photos are kept in galleries that are viewed by thumbnailed previews. Click on a thumbnail to bring up the image, which run in the area of 800X600 resolution. On average, each photo page has 25 photos with each scene having multiple pages up to four. While it probably would be easier to just put all of a scene's photos on one page, they choose this method most likely so they can stretch out the photo content over a few updates. The videos started off as not so great in the quality department, but greatly improved in a short amount of time. It wasn't long before they started posted much better quality clips in WMV format with a screen size of 720X480. Each clip runs about 4-5 minutes and is generally about 40 MB in size. The scenes themselves are excellent with the punishments taking place in a variety of places including one scene that was shot in the woods.

Updates take place every day with either a new photo set or video clip. So even though they only load one clip at a time, they do it in succession so that you won't have to wait very long to all the entire scene. The schedule is set as well. M-W-F are video updates, T-Th-Sat are photos, and Sun is bonus content. The price is about average at just under 20 US dollars per month. However, long term sign ups receive significant discounts. A 1 year membership is just under 100 USD, which would save you well over half the cost if you were to have retained your membership that whole time. The site also offers a few other tid bits such as a message board, so it's not a bad value for the price. There are free sample videos you can view before deciding to join, which is always nice. Over all, I thought the site was pretty decent given that it's a new kid on the block. They seem to really enjoy what they are doing and are not on the scene to just make a quick buck. Check it out the free stuff and then you can take it from there.

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