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Directed By: Eve Howard
Produced By: Tony Elka
Technical Direction: Tony Elka
Written By: Erica Scott
Staring: Erica Scot as " The Noisy Neighbor"
     Ralph Marvell as " The Neighbor Disturbed"
Date of Production: March 31, 2001
Running Time: 55 minutes
Reviewed By: David Pierson

Shadow Lane's production of " Spank Thy Neighbor" is clearly one of the best spanking videos made during the 2001 season. The video is notable for Eve Howard's superb direction, Tony Elka's wonderful lighting and camera work, an attractive cast and a great screenplay. The screenplay is the creation of Erica Scott, the video's female star. This is an auspicious debut for Erica as a screenwriter. Many years ago I remember my college writing instructor saying, " Write what you know." That is exactly what Ms. Scott did in creating the script for this terrific production. According to Erica, this screenplay is based on the spanking scenario that she and her first spanking partner had concocted six years ago. They called this role-play " The Obnoxious Neighbor." From out of a spanking game came the seeds of this terrific production.

The chemistry between the cast members is another reason for the success of this video. The stars of this piece couldn't be more attractive. Erica is a beautiful woman with shapely long legs and a terrific bottom. Her co-star, Ralph Marvell, is a large, ruggedly handsome man with very large hands. Erica commented that Ralph's hands make him a formidable play partner.

In this production of " Spank thy Neighbor", Erica plays the role of a young apartment- dwelling woman with a penchant for playing the most obnoxious, atonal music at decibels that would make one's ears bleed. Ralph plays the role of her aggrieved down- stairs neighbor. As Erica was playing her music at levels that would drown out the noise of a Jet taking off, there is a knock at her door. At the door is Ralph the down stairs neighbor. After being invited in, Ralph requests that Erica turn down her music. He explains that he works nights and needs to sleep during the day. Erica refuses to cooperate with the sleep- deprived Mr. Marvell. After a few minutes of trying to reason with the petulant Erica, Ralph pulls her across his knee and begins to spank her over her skirt. Erica is wearing an attractive maroon sleeveless sweater and a blue skirt. The bratty one struggles to escape her punishment, but Ralph Marvell is too powerful. After a few minutes Ralph lifts Erica's skirt and begins to spank her over her gold colored panties. As Erica continues to be disrespectful to the large man spanking her bottom, Ralph decides that this brat needs a lesson in humility. Ralph lowers Erica's panties, exposing her lovely but already reddened bottom. As Ralph lowered her panties, Erica let out a blood-curdling cry. " No, no.... you can't do this!". Ralph then proceeded to spank Erica on her adorable, exposed bottom. After several minutes of a hard bare bottom spanking, our heroine agrees to be more considerate. As Ralph is leaving the naughty ones apartment to resume his slumbers, Erica is rubbing her sore behind. After Ralph has departed a large smile spreads across Erica's face. Her grin develops into an overt laugh. It seems Erica has an unusual way of making friends.

Later that afternoon we see Erica prancing around her apartment wearing a beautiful pink dress. She sits down on the bed and, with a huge grin on her face, hits the remote control to her stereo. The sound that emanates from the speakers is truly hideous. (It sounds something like the Chipmunks playing the greatest hits of the Sex Pistols.) Within seconds Mr. Marvell is at the door. " What the hell are you doing?" Ralph angrily complains. " Did I wake you? I'm very sorry... would you like some wine?", was Erica's reply. Soon Erica was over Ralph's knee. He lifted Erica's dress and proceeded to spank her over her sexy blue panties. In due time, he briefly stops the punishment and makes Erica remove her dress. (Ostensibly to prevent it from being damaged.) After she complies, Erica is made to bend over the bed to continue the chastisement. After a few spanks over her fashionable panties, Ralph takes them down. From this position Erica is completely exposed. It is an exquisite sight to behold. Over the next few minutes Ralph uses his hand, a hairbrush and the belt on his naughty neighbor. Finally, with Erica bent over his knee, Ralph says, " I think that you are enjoying this." Using his finger he verifies this postulation. He then starts to rub the area between Erica's legs and she lets out a loud groan. Mr. Marvell then penetrates Erica with his fingers. At this point Ralph has started to pleasure Erica with his fingers while spanking her. He continues to do this until she climaxes. The video closes with Ralph carrying Erica to the shower that they intend to share. Isn't the " Romance of Discipline" grand? This is a wonderful example of a submissive "topping from below."

I highly recommend this video to all lovers of erotic spanking. As with all Shadow Lane videos, the production values are wonderful. The chemistry between Erica and Ralph was terrific and erotically charged. I think that Ms. Scott deserves special recognition for her superb script. It is clear that Erica writes excellent erotica. (Sorry Erica.)

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