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Caned into the Record Books

52 minutes
Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 8/20/10

This film may have been made in 2008--we are amateur observers. CalStar's graphics are upgraded, they use dissolving segues between scenes and for cuts, and the girls-the girls, tattoos and nether-region hairstyles suggest recent production. And the transition to hard sex from CP--we've seen that recently.

Two brunettes, Gray and Jones, sit in school detention, awaiting the teacher in charge, who today will be Ms. Ravenscroft. "She's the worst," because she spanks hard with canes and paddles and likes "other things," which we will soon see.

Statuesque blond Ravenscroft strides into a sparsely furnished classroom, slaps down her spanking implements and announces this detention will be "slightly different," which is quite an understatement if you work the schoolgirl archives of RedStripe, Strictly English, Connoisseur and then seek variations on that classroom formula.

Gray, a ponytailed brunette, whose school uniform struggles to contain her body, has been sent to detention for shoplifting, and Jones, another brunette, actually loses her skirt in a tussle with the police and sits there in skimpy bikini panties. Both girls seem familiar with detention and are not blushing innocents--the main issue is what Ravenscroft has in store for them. Jones tries to persuade her to do the "other things" they've heard rumors about in lieu of being spanked. It seems the girls have heard she likes "fannies," which means something special in British slang.

Jones will be spanked first OTK, her pleated skirt turned up to expose white panties encasing a quite professional bottom. Soon the pants are down and Ravenscroft is quite interested--who wouldn't be? As the spanking progresses, Jones admits she's heard Ravenscroft likes girls' vaginas. This detention will in fact become a lesbian fest.

Jones is cornered, bare bottom to face us of course, and it is Gray's turn. Having lost her skirt, she is mostly naked, so Ravenscroft just discards the useless panties as matters escalate. Nicely erotic for us. Handspanking and some lesbian talk. "Can't you just fuck us instread, Miss?" "If I say you take a fucking, you take a fucking."

Jones is put over the desk for a paddling, her "tramp stamp" tattoo in full view. The madame has Jones unbutton her jacket because she is becoming hot from all this spanking work. She is popping out of her blouse. Ravenscroft makes Gray paddle Jones, then lick and kiss her bottom. The girls are encouraged to kiss each other, which they do with ease.

Gray over the desk again. The madame admires: "You have a gorgeous bottom, Gray." True, true. Jones paddles Gray and kisses the result. More back-and-forth until Ravenscroft flexes the cane, signaling a tempo change.

Jones will be caned first--Gray is instructed to undress her, very erotic and slow. She displays a cultured mohawk, high hard boobs, and an athletically thin body. About 20 cane strokes, various angles and repeats. "This is the real thing now." Weals develop immediately. Reavenscroft massages her breasts as she canes.

Ravenscroft is the devil. She makes Gray bend over and show Jones her stripes. "I want you to see because you're next." Jones is caned, only 5 strokes, with several dissolves, as if they had trouble with her. One novel variation does occur--Gray is cornered within the camera shot, but she must bend over, hold her ankles, and spread her legs--a prolonged flash, rather than the conventional hands-on-head, nose-to-wall.

Ravenscroft strips Jones, and her body is even more startling than Gray's. She can't resist suckling Gray's breasts. Four more cane strokes before Jones is called out to kiss her bottom.

The lesbian vibes have escalated to the level now that the girls agree they want Ravenscroft's "purple friend" rather than more of this caning. There is a dissolve to exterior architecture, during which time Ravenscroft returns wearing her purple strap-on dildo. The girls fondle and suck it convincingly. Jones will get the first treatment, lies back on a table for some oral preparation from Ravenscroft. she then kneels on a chair, Ravenscroft wets her pussy, and begins to mount her doggy-style when the video fades.

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