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23 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 6/13/08

We pay a visit to a matronly administrator at the Magistrate's Court, in one of those stark industrial buildings which always bodes well for finding a spanking somewhere on the premises. A pretty blonde female officer, PT Williams, delivers a young woman who has been dallying with one of the judges--she admits to the clerk that in fact SHE has been caning the judge. This is England, after all.

Well, this can't be permitted. The young lady, a small pony-tailed blonde, is going to be on the receiving end. Over a table she goes, and is spanked on pretty white silk panties. When she is spanked OTK, our intrepid cameraman gets cute facial and rear shots. The matron has the young lady pull her own panties down, which takes a lovely long time, while the matron extracts a stiff leather flogger from a sheath of implements in a sort of umbrella stand. The lovely blonde officer returns with some paperwork and is asked to assist and hold down our squirming subject, while the matron lays on 25 moderate cane strokes. Extensive silly squalling, but punishment accomplished.

But what's this? The PT officer has doctored the paperwork. Turnabout is fair play, especially for curvy blondes. She's going to get spanked herself. The collection of implements at hand is not here for nothing. She takes off her uniform skirt and doesn't hestitate to show her nifty thonged bottom. She goes over the same little table for some handspanking and the strap. Her long blonde hair has become unfurled after she gives up her uniform cap. Off with her jacket, she kneels on the floor, where the matron rolls down her thong and flogs her, nestling the flogger between her legs frequently, which makes her squirm and coo. The camera is right there.

It's touch-your-toes for about 20 moderate cane strokes. A sweet bottom. CalStar does a nice job of developing the fantasy of a uniformed authority figure having to submit to the same punishments meted out to their clients.

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