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Special Treatment

Mood Pictures (2005)
Produced by Pedro and Pablo
Written and Directed by Pedro
Eva Palocki and Katja Viti, New Prisoners
Vicky, Mary, Petra, Patsy Passion, Prisoners
Angie Vicious, Sophie Starr, Pokemon, Guards
Hungarian with English Subtitles
Running Time 50 minutes
Reviewed by Ronald Scott


Special Treatment is another excellent release with a prison theme from the Hungarian company, Mood Pictures. Featuring several fetching young actresses and a really excellent dom, the head Guard, Angie Vicious, this release is one of the best yet from this company. The setting is a prison where inmates agree to "special treatment" meaning frequent CP in exchange for shorter terms.

At the start, we see a guard questioning 4 women prisoners in a dorm-style prison room about "whose cigarettes are these?" She asks the right hand girl, a quite pretty brunette, to strip. We get to watch her shame as she is forced to do this. She leans up against a bunk bed and gets 25 strokes of the belt. After 20 strokes she begins to cry and a sexy side view occurs.

Next the guard says "it's your turn" to the black-haired prisoner and she replies "it was her (another prisoner), I saw her". The guard says "so much for solidarity". Soon the head guard asks another prisoner to come with her to a "punishment room". She slowly undresses revealing a great figure. She kneels on a wooden punishment platform that is perfect for delivering CP as well as revealing the prisoner's figure and facial expressions during punishment.

The guard picks out a cane from the wall. After ten blows the girl's stoic demeanor begins to break. After 40 blows she is shattered and quite desperate. After 5 more, the somewhat vengeful head guard says "Do you want some more, bitch"? The prisoner is allowed to slowly dress in another nice scene.

The following scene introduces two new prisoners, both are lovely, especially the girl with the darker hair. The girls are to be admitted to the prison. The head guard tells them to strip which they do in an erotic scene and both stand submissively in their panties before the guard. The guard reads them the prison rules. She says the girls can trade a 2-10 year term for 6 months here; once the decision is made it cannot be reversed and the country's laws don't apply here, only the prison rules. Here they will be exposed to humiliation and CP. Both girls sign and the blond head guard who is an excellent actress (and quite pretty also) has them stand erect with their backs to the wall totally revealing their beautiful figures.

The guard then has them put on their shapeless prison uniforms. Fortunately they won't be wearing them for very long. The two new inmates then join the original 4 prisoners. A guard tells the new girls that at noon they will get the punishment that all new girls get, 50 cane strokes. The room "senior" reports that "prisoner 112 did not carry out her duties on time". The lesbian guard slowly strips the offender while freely fondly her at the same time. They then tie her with her arms apart to the bunk bed as she cries "no". She then receives the strap.

The darker haired new girl then asks the other prisoners "Will we be beaten hard today?". They answer "prepare for the worst". The guards take both new girls to the same punishment room. The dark haired girl undresses; once again we get to watch like "a fly on a wall". The way she looks down submissively increases the eroticism of the scene for this viewer. As the caning begins she immediately cries out and her cries have a nice erotic ring to them.

The pacing of the guards is excellent throughout this movie; the punishments are not too fast and not too slow; the slower pace and the guards' facial expressions convey in a subtle way how much they enjoy the "special treatment" they get to dish out to the pretty prisoners. From time to time the guard swishes the cane thru the air to make the unfortunate prisoner tense up even more before the next blow.

Another guard counts the strokes aloud adding to the "ritual" of the scene which I enjoy. However, the inmate turns away from the camera a bit much and this reduces some of the impact here. At one point the prisoner begs them to stop and the other girl, who is in the room, covers her face; she can't watch. Fortunately you and I, the viewers of this new gem from Mood Pictures, can watch. At the end, they drag the sobbing girl briefly out in the snow

Next the other new inmate undresses removing everything. She is asked to count the strokes for her punishment. Her cries are a bit strident for my taste but the frequent side views of her great figure make up for that. After 25 blows another guard takes over and after 35 blows the 2nd girl is totally shattered. She cries out "no, I've had enough. Please stop. I'm begging you." But the cruel guards continue till all 50 blows are delivered. The girl tearfully dresses as the movie ends.

The DVD extras include out-takes focusing on mistakes during filming and the resulting laughter of the cast. There is also an interesting "duel" with canes between Pedro and one of the girls. There are also previews of two other Mood releases.

Overall, if you are a fan of prison scenarios you will certainly like this one. The video and sound quality are excellent; and the acting is fine throughout. I give this a 9.25 out of 10 and hope Mood Pictures continues their fast start in the spanking video business.

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