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Spoiled Rotten

year of production: 1992
Length:44 min
Starring: Tanya Foxx, Keith Jones
Reviewed by the Collector

Run --of-mill spanking saga, unless you're a fan of Tanya's bottom.

Tanya plays her Veronica Van Allen character, this time a naughty and silly young heiress grounded by a suspended license, and being chaperoned by a chauffeur (Keith) at the direction of her parents.

There are several conventional spanking scenes, OTK and over a pool table, and Tanya loses her pants eventually each time. She has nice taste in underwear. Tanya's wiggly way is well reviewed elsewhere; her bitchy spankable style is on view here; She never gets really stung in this video, but after all, these serious actors have a full week of work ahead of them.

Keith spanks her after dinner, following her sloppy tardiness and disrespectful table talk; she gets it next in her bedroom for other transgressions, where Keith mixes in a hairbrush; on another occasion, it's stretched over a pool table with dress hiked up, for flirty naughtiness. Keith is prepared with a strap at-hand this time. Last, it's a tussle OTK on the couch, where Tanya is begging for pocket cash and trying to get Keith's pants off. Keith pulls out an ineffectual little paddle. Tanya ends up getting her man. Severity-3; Wiggle-10

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