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Sports Camp Vol 1

Starring: Shannon Carson
Ashley Sanderson (Amanda Lewis)
Jessica Maclean
Kelly Ward
Sammie (Leah) Wallen
David Lyons Running Time: Approximately 50 minutes
Review by Katrina

When young, I was sent to a "sports camp" for the summer. It was to teach us to be better athletes. It involved daily exercise, a great deal of fresh air, and many sports games under expert coaching. If you feel that this film is based on that subject, forget it. This film is nothing like that.

The basis for this film is simple. This camp is to teach the girls how to run faster, jump higher, and twist and spin quicker. Yes, they do run faster (into a spanking). They do jump higher (from the swats), and they do spin quicker (under the onslaught of a well placed hand, paddle, and wooden paddle.) Unfortunately, they do not seem to improve their athletic ability. That is, unless of course, you consider having a red bottom a medal.

The four, Shannon Carson, Amanda Lewis, and newcomers Jessica MacLean and Kelly Ward are under the tutelage of the assistant coach, Sammie Wallen. David Lyons plays the coach.

The film opens with Sammie explaining the rules to the four lucky girls. The girls are told that if they "step out of line then they will be spanked". So, what does Shannon and Ashley do? You've got it. They decide that a bit of initiation hazing is in order for the two newcomers, Jessica and Kelly. For the hazing Shannon decided to use a leather paddle.

What is almost strange is that the two girls, who are about to be paddled for the "first" time, not only have a big grin on their faces when then roll over, but as their pants are peeled down, their bottoms are also red. Still, the paddling that Shannon and Ashley give to both Jessica and Kelly is quite good. The two girls are paddled on their bare bottom. (Note: As with most of the girls', the bottom is bare, but not nude. The girls keep their thong panties; as if that will help. Take it from one on the receiving end, it does not.)

Kelly starts. She gets ten with the paddle and must count each one. It must not have been very hard as she did not react to the paddle from Shannon. Ashley followed suit. This time, as she counted the strokes, her voice rose in pitch. At least her body was reacting to the paddling.

What perfect timing! Just after Shannon has managed to paddle both girls, Sammie arrives and demands to know what was happening. She did not appreciate the hazing stunt and takes all four to her room for a spanking session.

Sammie takes each girl over her knee and hand spanks their bare bottoms. Sammie does her usual job. She is not a very fast spanker (meaning that it is not that painful), but she does manage to redden all of the girls bottoms; when they were not already primed by the recent paddling episode. Off in the distance you can find Ashley rubbing her sore bottom after being spanked by Sammie. It is at least an indication that it did sting.

Sammie spanks each cheek alternating, and places her hand in the same place over and over; down the middle of each cheek. As a result, that area gets red very quickly and leaves a nice impression of her hand, thumb included. The other areas of the lady's bottom is un-touched.

When Sammie gets to Shannon, you can tell that Shannon has been a naughty girl. Her bottom is already black and blue. Where she was spanked is not explained in this film. This, supposedly, is her first spanking for this film. Perhaps she received the board for their web site?

Timing seems to be everywhere in this film. After all four girls are just spanked, who should arrive and demand the same thing? Why, the coach. He wanted to know what Sammie was doing to the girls. She explained and he decides that the punishment is not severe enough.

David then calls the girls back into the room, and having them bend over the sleigh bed, uses the same paddle on their bottoms that Shannon used. When asked who is going to be first, the three others point to Kelly. She is too small to reach over the bed. So, after dropping her pants, she must leap up on the bed back, raising her feet off the floor.

Kelly has the nicest smile when she is waiting to be spanked. It is almost a grin. I love it. It looks as if she is going to enjoy the situation or perhaps she is trying to hide a sense of foreboding. Still, Kelly seems to be a neophyte. She acts as if she has not been spanked before this film.

He uses his hand again. Even as her bottom becomes severely red and bruised, she maintains the grin on her face.

When it is Jessica's turn, she drops her shorts and leans over the bed. She grabs two handfuls of bedding and manages to hold on to the bedding while he turns up the heat on her bottom.

Ashley's turn is next. She drops her shorts and climbs up on the bed; also grabbing two handfuls of bedding. As David slaps her bottom, Ashley grunts and leaps. Finally, someone is showing a bit of a response to a spanking in this film. By the time that the spanking is complete, she must fight the sniffles of tears.

Shannon is the last. She takes it rather stoically, but still jerks and twitches with each swat.

The next scene involves David trying to explain that they should not use the leather paddle on Jessica and Kelly. He will paddle their bottoms to make things come out even. (Yes, swat for swat, each girl in this picture gets a total of thirty swats with the paddle.)

Both Ashley and Shannon have trouble receiving the swats. Shannon starts to utter swear words and wishes to reach back to cover her bottom. While Shannon and Ashley are being paddled, you notice Jessica and Kelly impishly laughing in the corridor. They are, of course, discovered and led into the room for the same treatment.

Kelly does not take the paddle very well. She totally breaks down into a torrent of tears, telling the world that she can not take any more. Jessica can stand it better but still has problems. Both Ashley and Shannon act as they had previously. During the second round of paddling, Kelly does not manage to cry. Apparently, someone had spoken to her during the break.

Jessica can take the swats. Her voice climbs as it did with the hand spanking. But, still, she manages to take the twenty swats with the paddle. The scene ends with both Ashley and Shannon receiving the final ration of their thirty swats. Shannon jumps and swears under her breath. Apparently, her bottom was more than just sore from before.

Just as the girls were leaving, the coach decides that Shannon's attitude and leadership if questionable. He keeps Shannon for a bit of wooden discipline. Shannon is made to strip nude, totally nude, and hold on to the stairs while he uses the wooden board on her bottom for an additional five strokes. Shannon's bottom quivers in its normal fashion to the board and she reacts as she has always done, dropping down, clenching her fist and waving it for each paddle stroke. He leaves her alone for five minutes, hands on her head, naked facing the stairs.

The next scene has all four girls gathered outside. Both Jessica and Shannon are smoking cigarettes. It seems that smoking is also against the rules. It is obvious. They are caught by Sammie and David.

Escorted back into the same room, the four girls are given a dose of the board over their pants. Kelly again volunteers to be first. Each girl gets five swats of the board over their jeans. Kelly manages to retain her composure this time, but when you examine her face after the paddling, the tear stains are obvious on her cheeks.

After the paddling, the girls are told to remove their clothing. They are to be strip searched for more tobacco. This is somewhat gratuitous nudity. No one is going to hide a lighter or package of cigarettes in their bra. Yet, three of the girls strip down to the panties for the last scene in the film.

The film ends with no additional tobacco being found. More to come in volume 2.

This is a spanking film. There is nothing much more than four girls are spanked in various modes. The girls are pretty. Their bottoms are gorgeous. The spankings, while not harsh, are not patty-cake. The reactions to the spanking are genuine as evidenced by the shedding of some tears. Kelly is a charmer in this picture.

On a more personal level, the real summer sports camp had bad tasting food, grueling sports games, long hours, hard work, but no spankings. I guess that I did not learn to be a better athlete. Perhaps if they spanked my bottom, I would have tried harder. No, that's all right. I think that I will leave the spankings where they are and just watch them, even if these ladies do not learn to play better sports; they do take a licking and keep on ticking.

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