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Sports Camp Vol II

Starring: Shannon Carson
Ashley Sanderson (Amanda Lewis)
Jessica Maclean
Kelly Ward
Sammie (Leah) Wallen
David Lyons
Running Time: Approximately 50 minutes
Review by Katrina

This film is the second part of the earlier work "Sports Camp". It simply picks up where the first film ended, as if it was a serial from the 1950s and this is next Saturday's episode.

When the film was last left, the girls were caught smoking, ushered to the "office" and spanked. Now, they have been ordered to strip off their clothing so that they can be strip searched. Shannon ends up nude, Ashley and Jessica keep their panties but remove the bra, and Kelly keeps both the bra and panties.

And now the conclusion to the story....

The coach, David Lyons, calls the administrator to administer the punishment for not confessing who smuggled the cigarettes into the camp. The administrator is upset for spending time from his duties to perform this task.

It is more OTK, bare bottom (nude in Shannon's case) hand spanking from the administrator. The girls go over the administrator's lap for two rounds of thirty swats. The swats are not particularly hard. It is sufficient to redden their bottoms but not much more than that. (Their bottoms will return to their normal shade in about 10 minutes given the type of spanking that was performed.) Still, the girls grab the sofa and hold on for dear life. With the exception of Ashley, they don't otherwise say a sound. From the facial reactions, Jessica seems to take it the worst. Still, all in all, it is a good "moderate" hand spanking. The problem is that the spanking does not solve the issue. They still do not know who smuggled the tobacco. So, it was a failure for that purpose.

Coach Lyons has a suspicion that it was Shannon. That is not the same thing as an admission, but he continues to blame her.

After the spanking, the girls are grounded for one week. They are not to leave the "camp". Shannon, being true to form, decides that the grounding is "stupid" and organizes a "girls' night out" in which the other three agree to partake. Dressed in "street" clothes that would make a hooker blush, the four girls come, rather noisily, down the stairs and leave through the front door. Upon their return, slightly inebriated, they try to sneak back into the house. Kelly even has her shoes removed to avoid the extra noise. However, who should be waiting for them with the strap; none other than Sammie Wallen. They have been caught breaking the grounding rules.

It is almost amazing. The girls know exactly what to do and were to go. They walk upstairs and line up facing the sleigh bed again, in preparation for yet another bottom blistering session. After the lineup is complete, Coach Lyons arrives. A few words between he and Sammie are all that it takes to make him mad.

The four turn back to the bed, raise the short items that pretend to be skirts, and revel the previously redden bottom. They are all to get twenty strokes of the strap, two strokes at a time. Coach Lyons does the honors this time, each girl in turn getting the prescribed amount. He does not follow-through with the strap as it is used more like a paddle. By the time that the twenty strokes are completed, their bottoms are just a slightly darker shade of red and have a few strap marks.

They are sent to their rooms for the "paddle swats". The administrator and Sammie arrive with "the board", first to Jessica and Kelly's room to give them the swats. The swats are to be on the bare bottom. Jessica can not seem to tolerate the board. She collapses on the bed after two swats. Kelly manages to take the first three of the five, ending up with a nice choice word. Eventually, Jessica takes the next two and Kelly the next two. Jessica has one more which is about all that the young lady can take. You can tell that the board is probably the worst implement that has been used to date on their bottoms. (The entire film, both parts, was obviously shot in one day.)

Upon entering Shannon's and Ashley's room, Shannon is not to be found. Ashley receives the five strokes all by herself. (Shannon received five strokes of the board in the first film.) She takes all five on her bare bottom, saying "ouch" each time but otherwise manages without a great deal of trouble, aside from a sniffle holding back a tear.

The final sequence involves that magical little switch-like device, the "cane". After a moment at the pool, the Kelly, Ashley, and Jessica are reassembled in the house while Sammie tells them that they have broken nearly every rule. They are to be caned or get no credit from the camp. Each agrees to accept the punishment.

Kelly is first. She drops her shorts and bends over the table. She takes the first six cuts of the cane with closed fists and a determination in her voice. Still she manages to count the strokes. Likewise, Jessica and then Ashley take the first six strokes. Jessica takes it pretty well. Ashley does not. She can barely hold position for the last six. Shannon just looks on.

Kelly goes again for the last six. It is pretty much the same as the first six. She manages to count them, fists clenched, voice rising, and a grimace on her face. Jessica is the same as before. When it comes to Ashley's turn again, you can tell that the scene had to be stopped after the first two to allow her to compose herself. It was that bad for her to take the caning.

Afterwards, there are three pairs of freshly caned bottoms, belonging to three girls standing against the wall. You can tell that the cane was used on their bottoms from the distinctive marks.

Shannon's turn comes with the administrator. He tells her that she is the one responsible for the problems. She walks into the room saying "So this is what I get for having cigarettes?" while he just swishes the cane. Duh, Shannon, of course you get the same as the other girls; a dozen strokes of the cane. The difference is that he hits a bit harder than Sammie did.

Shannon raises her skirt and bends over the same table. He hits pretty hard. Shannon's voice begins to waver on the first stroke. The three other girls can only giggle in the hallway at Shannon's predicament. It is obvious that Shannon is feeling the cane as her knees buckle with each stroke. Her face grimaces but she still manages to count the strokes. At the end of the dozen, the film ends with Shannon rubbing her sore bottom using both hands. Given the bruises on her bottom, I can well understand why it is sore.

This film is just the conclusion to the first part. To fully appreciate the film, you need to see both parts. As a sports camp, I do not know what sort of sports are taught. I do know what punishments are administered for breaking the rules. It is obvious that a warm bottom is all that is taught at this camp.

The video quality is good. It has good lighting, sound, and composition. If that is of interest to you then it is technically a good video. As for me, I like to see the spankings. And, if that is what you like, then this is a good video too; since that is about all that you see, one spanking after another.

The story line is a bit strange. There does not seem to be a story line. This film is about four girls getting their bottoms spanked. That is it. There is nothing else. If that is sufficient for you then buy this video. It certainly was for me.

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