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Spy School

Year: 2000
Length: 54 minutes
Review by MARS posted 12/31/10

Listed in the Moonglow catalogue as the year 2000, but it feels older, not that its age matters. The premise is the same as the classic "Caning and Cold Showers"; girls training for military service are given a dose of corporal punishment to see if they could take possible abuse.

The actress Alison Payne and "Debbie" are spy trainees. They will both be caned at length by a faceless male in drab institutional rooms, the filming to be done by "hidden cameras" Just like Sophie Fennington in "Cold Showers," the girls are motivated to accept the punishment to pass the test and will do their best to endure the procedure. Alison, an actress possessing one of the more marvelous bottoms in the CP trade, will be taken first. Necktie off, skirt off, hands-on-chair for sets of cane strokes, first on gray panties, then on the bare, the first look at that tush in her films is always a thrill for us. There are repeats, which should not discourage, because there is plenty of caning to go around. Alison takes about 6 on her knickers then a dozen on the bare skin. As always with this actress, there are ample intimate facials of her big eyes and fluffy chestnut hair.

The second candidate, Helen (actress "Debbie") is ordered in and caned in the same fashion, but she retains her knickers for this round and the strokes are not as hard.

Screen script says the girls are often punished in the "private quarters" for lesser offenses. Alison is seen first, in bra and panties, then pants down. Her high heels survive throughout. Handspanking, leather sole. Alison is always brave and tough and usually accepts the biggest allotments of spankings in her films. Helen is seen in her room, where she is spanked, paddled, and caned, losing her pants for the first time.

In another sequence, Helen gets caned, about a half-dozen, on jeans. Alison wears cotton pants in her sequence and fills them out ever so nicely. About a dozen on the cloth. Lovely face.

The sessions continue. Strokes are mounting. Helen gets the cane on black slacks, 10 shots. Part of the training is for the girls to punish each other. Helen canes Alison, standing there wearing only panties. It is a long session with repeats, on jeans, pants, and at least 30 on the bare bottom. Helen canes harder than either male had done.

The scene dissolves to another situation where Alison is bent over for the male officer, skirt up, panties bunched, being paddled. "Nice and red, aren't you?....are you tough enough to be a spy, or not?" We'll answer for her--probably yes, but testing should continue. Helen holds Alison's hands. More caning--25 strokes, beautiful closeup of that fascinating tush.

Helen's last turn. Skirt up, just a thong for the paddle, and--"Remember your old friend here?" "Yes, sir." It's the cane, about 25 strokes. The girls pass the test.

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