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St. Able Hands

Starring: Shanelle as the head girl
Bettina as the thief
"Chopper" as the stable owner
Running Time: Approximately 40 minutes
Reviewed by Katrina

This video opens with Bettina riffling what is obviously a tack room at a stable. She is seeking to steal some items, and manages to find a bridle, when she is confronted by Shanelle, dressed in traditional riding attire with high boots, jodhpurs, and a riding jacket. Shanelle continues to question her as she backs away, hiding the stolen bridle behind her back. Bettina tells Shanelle that she was only cleaning up. That is a mistake because Shanelle is in charge of the stable. She knows that the girl does not work at the stable.

Rather than turn the girl over to the police, she takes the matters in her own hands. She lightly secures her arms with the aid of the bridle; she leads her to a bail of hay. The bail of hay makes a perfect "chair" replacement for what follows. What follows is obviously a little spanking on Bettina's jeans.

Shanelle is not a very hard spanker. She spanks Bettina over her jeans and continues to lecture her that she was stealing "our property". Bettina can only ask "Are we done?" in between grimaces. Finally, Shanelle says "I don't think that I am getting through to you" and removes the jeans. The spanking continues on the knickers. The spanking is not hard but it is regular. Bettina must have a very tender bottom. She complains very vocally for what is a light spanking. After a few minutes, Shanelle is still not "getting through to her." Bettina must pull down her knickers at this point and the spanking resumes, on the bare bottom. Still the spanking is not heavy. Still, Bettina tries to have the spanking stopped. Her apologies go un-heeded.

A few moments of bare bottom hand slapping, Shanelle lets Bettina up; there to discover that the girl has been up to additional riffling. She returns her back to the hay bale, there to kneel, bare bottom sticking up, on the hay. Shanelle extracts a riding crop and proceeds to spank her with the crop tip. The crop usage is also light as Bettina continues to complain about the spanking. Later, Shanelle makes Bettina kneel properly on the hay bail and raise her shirt. She does not want Bettina to have any protection when she continues to use the riding crop with light slaps of the leather tip to Bettina's bottom.

Finally, having enough with the riding crop, Bettina stands and when Shanelle finds a cigarette butt, she continues to slap Bettina's with her hand. This is finally making an impression upon Bettina. She begins to squirm and try to avoid Shanelle's hand.

In a few moments, the spanking is interrupted with the arrival of "Chopper". Chopper is a large, heavy set man, dressed in black leather. He has tattoos down his arms and has his hair tied in a pony-tail. He is obviously a man who has done some motor-cycle riding. And, as a male authority figure, he is a commanding personage.

What follows is a bit of questioning of Bettina by Chopper, who is the owner of the barn. When he finds that the door was open and Bettina just entered to pilfer, he is now interested in why the door was open. The security of the barn was the responsibility of Shanelle. She is also at fault for this incident. Bettina wastes no time in showing Chopper her red bottom as proof when Shanelle tells Chopper that she punished Bettina. Chopper says that "he does the spanking around here", and takes Shanelle over his knee on the same bale of hay used for the earlier spanking.

Chopper is a harder spanker. He starts in on Shanelle's tight pants as she beings to scream in pain. The tight pants do an excellent job of framing her bottom. There is little doubt what part is being spanked. Shortly, the first article of clothing is removed; her jacket. Back over his knees she goes and the spanking continues. This time the pace has picked up a bit. Now, Shanelle is being well spanked on her pants. Unsatisfied, chopper has her to drop her pants. When he spanks her on the knickers, Shanelle finally tries to cover her bottom with her hand. Chopper waists no time in pinning her hand behind her back and continue to spank her white knickers. Shanelle's bottom is now quite flushed red. That does not prevent him from peeling down her knickers and getting to the "bottom of the matter." (Sorry, I could not resist.) This time, he picks up on her naked bottom. When he lets her up, she starts to rub her bottom in no time.

"Shall we move on", Chopper tells Shanelle, when he picks up the riding crop. Shanelle kneels back on the hay bail and chopper begins to use the crop on her bottom cheeks in the same manner that she did to Bettina. The difference is only in the severity. Chopper is a strong man. By the time that he has finished with the riding crop, Shanelle's bottom is now red with a few splotches from the crop. By the time that he is finished, the only part of Shanelle's bottom that is not red is her cat tattoo, located on her upper hip.

Bettina's turn is next over Chopper's lap. Startled, she falls over his lap. Her struggles doe not work as he is stronger and manages to keep her on his lap. Pinning her arm behind her back, he starts to spank her over her jeans. That does not last very long; the jeans that is. They are quickly dropped and again she ends up over his lap to continue the spanking. Still, her hand manages to go back. Again it is pinned. Again the spanking continues, amid her outcries of pain. Her legs keep kicking up trying to block his hand from doing more damage to her bottom. She is in real pain by this time. By the time that he pulls down her knickers, her bottom is now very rosy. Still, he continues on her bare bottom. When she is finally let back up, her bottom is a deep shade of red.

The final spanking involves both ladies, keeling on the hay bail, hands on their heads, being hand spanked and a few slaps of the crop by Chopper.

If you look at the outtakes, it has an interesting spanking. He manages to take both Bettina and Shanelle over his lap for a little alternate and two handed spanking as he hand spanks both ladies at the same time.

The accents are British. The speech is British. This video is strictly a British spanking video. The story line is simple. It has been done several times before, under different conditions. Still, the spankings are severe enough, with the arrival of Chopper, to satisfy a true spanking desire. They are not harsh. They are not heavy. Both ladies have smiles on their faces at the end of the video in the "outtakes" to indicate that they both had a good time. Both walked away with a red bottom.

Shanelle came in perfect character for the set. If you wanted to see a lady both spank and be spanked in riding attire, this is a good example of a video that shows this part. The Chopper character is a bit out of place however. He did not belong in a tackle room. His outfit was wrong. He belonged on a motorcycle the way that he was dressed. Still, as a male spanker, he was very good.

If the video has a fault, it is that the video was shot from at most two camera positions in a room that had a severe echo. For the most part, the camera held the scene. There were a few close-ups, but not many. The sound quality made it hard to understand what was being said. However, if you don't care about the speaking parts, the spanking parts are quite good. Personally, I think that I will take the spanking parts. How about you?

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