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Stacked Deck

Guest Review by Gord Henley

I want to begin by saying once again; OhhTeeKay has given us a movie to watch that's unique in many ways. There are not many companies hoping to sell spanking videos that would take as much time as this movie to set up such a believable story as to why the spanking is taking place.

As the movie begins, we are at Cecil's house, witnessing a card game, with his live-in love, Chloe (played by the gorgeous Christina Carter) and her friend Rachel (played by the equally gorgeous Keli Anderson). One of the things I found especially nice about this part of the show is we get to see all three characters as real people. No offence Cecil, but the two women look especially appealing. Christina is casually, but elegantly dressed, while Keli is "dressed to the nines"... complete with very chic jewelry. The card game begins with all three playing, but it soon becomes a match between Rachel and Cecil...with Rachel winning several pots in succession. Rachel and Chloe try to pass it off as "beginner's luck", but Cecil is starting to have his doubts. Eventually, Rachel reaches into the deck of cards she's been hiding in her stockings once too often, and the jig is up.

Furious, Cecil orders Chloe to search Rachel. At first, she doesn't want to do it, but he insists. Chloe orders Rachel to strip, and once she's naked, the hidden cards are discovered. Cecil orders Rachel to the corner, and after some discussion (as well as a lot of protesting), orders Chloe to spank Rachel. Still naked, Rachel is taken Chloe's knee, and the spanking begins.

If you're looking for a brutal spanking, that leaves the spankee severely marked, you've come to the wrong place. If you're looking for an erotic spanking, with both spanker and spankee reluctantly in their roles, then you've (pardon the pun), hit the jackpot. (A nice touch during this scene has Christina get mad at Keli for putting her hand on her bottom, for protection, once too often. She makes her stand up; hold out her hands, and actually straps her! Not too soft, not too hard, but just right. ) The spanking then resumes, and, after awhile, Keli is sent to the corner.

Cecil decides Chloe has not been spanking Rachel hard enough, so he decides to show her how he wants it done. Rachel is summoned from the corner, and spanked by Cecil. Again; it doesn't seem to be a super hard spanking, more erotic than painful, but you might get an argument from Rachel about that.

After the spanking, Keli is sent to the corner again. She doesn't stay there for long, as it's back over Chloe's knee.

During her third spanking of the movie, Cecil orders Chloe to use the hairbrush, his belt, and the hairbrush again. By the time this segment is done, Rachel is one thoroughly punished woman, and no doubt having second thoughts about her decision to cheat a man like Cecil.

However, if you think the spankings are over, you would be wrong. Cecil has decided Chloe needs to be punished, since she was the one who brought Rachel to his house. (As an added bonus, we get to see Christina spanked nude, just as Keli was)

At the very beginning of the spanking, Chloe breaks character and refers to Cecil by his real name.. tells him her bottom is already bruised, and he should stop spanking her. Fortunately for us, he ignores this request.

As was the case in at least two previous OhhTeeKay productions ("Cyber Discipline II " and " Cyber Discipline III"), Cecil uses ice cubes on her bottom. This cools the burning sensation she's feeling on her cheeks a bit, but intensifies it, as a spanking on a wet bottom does. He uses the ice cubes at least three times, possibly four.

Chloe also gets the hairbrush, and again, breaks character. In fact, she is supposed to get 10 smacks with the brush, which she is supposed to count, but if you can read lips, you'll notice that's not the case. However, in my opinion, this doesn't take away from the movie... it adds to it.

Once the spankings have been doled out, Chloe is sent to the corner to join Rachel. Rachel seemed to be quite disturbed as Chloe was being spanked (even more so than when she herself was being spanked), so she decides to make it up to her. Of course, this leads to a Christina/Keli make out session, which rivals the make out scene in OhhTeeKay's "Cheater's X", it's that good. The movie ends with the girls deciding they've had enough of Cecil, including Chloe, and they walk out on him.

One of the best things about this particular OhhTeeKay production, especially if you buy the DVD version, is its quality. While all of his movies are high quality, Cecil seems to have gone out of his way to have the clearest picture and best sound I've seen in a long time. Not only that, this spanking DVD is unique in that it has scene selection, a blooper reel, and OhhTeeKay previews.

Personally, I feel this is a movie that belongs in the collection of all spanking fans. Like I said, it's not just the deck that's "stacked"... but also the production itself.

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