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12 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 7/10/09

An odd and dark little trifle, probably a space filler, and another provocative contribution to the spanker's imagination. No scenes or sets help much here. Stacy is a cute brunette clerical assistant, who is caught by her boss stealing money via computer. Without ado, "It's the police or standard punishment." Stacy seems to work at a girls' detention center, so "standard punishment" is clearly understood. The boss pulls up her skirt to assess the situation. Well! "You have no knickers on."

She is directed to pull on white knickers and proceed to the "attic," which in fact is tight crawl space accessed by a vertical pull-down ladder--the expected view as she climbs the ladder. We find ourselves cramped in the eaves of the house. The boss is a big solid guy, who struggled to follow and climb up. Stacy finds the space creepy--cobwebs, spiders, etc. If this is where the "standard punishment" is administered in this house, there is a potential for evil doings on these premises.

The boss gives Stacy a firm OTK handspanking, panties d0wn. "You're a thieving little girl." "Oh please sir, I won't do it again." The boss swings a very large tawse, in space too cramped to get a good whack. "I can't do it any more. Oh please, sir." He rubs on cream. "Go down to the bedroom and think about what you have done." Something else planned? "I'll see you in an hour."

In the bedroom, Stacy has changed into a shorty slinky white shift, face down, pillows under her bare hips. Little mink, she's been here before! The boss comes in, she admits she has been a thief, and there follows a long handspanking, and a detailed rubdown in closeup. "That's enough. You're grounded." She wouldn't seem to mind.

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