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Stage Moms

Starring: Chelsea Pfeiffer
Tory Sinclair
Directed by: Chelsea Pfeiffer
Reviewed by: Eric Blair-Brown

It's better to give than to receive. For the viewing audience, seeing Chelsea give and then receive a spanking is well worth the price of the DVD. Ms Pfeiffer is one of the best women spankers in the biz and is still a great spankee. She's a knockout, knows all the right moves and adds a great sense of humor to the genre.

In Stage Moms, Tory Sinclair drops by Ms. Pfeiffer's place. Last year, Chelsea's daughter played Clara in the Nutcracker. Tory wants her daughter to get the role and she wants the Pfeiffer girl to drop out. An argument leads Tory over Chelsea's knee. Sinclair receives a hard hand spanking. I begins on the skirt, then the panties and later the bare bottom.

After the spanking, Chelsea agrees to take a spanking to keep Tory from going to the Nutcracker officials. Chelsea knows exactly what the audience wants. She starts off defiant, endures a hard hand and hairbrush spanking and then cries uncle at just the right time. She is a remarkable looking woman with a very spankable backside.

Stage Moms is the sequel to Chelsea's earlier DVD Soccer Moms. There is even a hint of a future production that includes the characters of the two DVDs. Chelsea has got to learn to solve her differences with other mothers without spanking them. But as long as Chelsea's butt ends up on the receiving end of a hairbrush, its going to continue to be an interesting time in Ms. Pfeiffer's neighborhood.

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