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Stepdaughter 3

Directed and Produced: Ed Lee
Reviewed by: Aldus W. Huckster

OK folks, here we go again. Nu-West has once again released an instant classic. This is the continuation of one of most popular series in the lauded history of Nu-West. Has it been twenty years since Stepdaughter one graced our television screens? Is it possible that it has been twelve years since the legendary "Peaches" starred in Stepdaughter Two? My how time flies when you're having fun. Stepdaughter 3 brings the series up to date with fresh new faces (and bottoms), costuming and scenery. The casting of this wonderful production couldn't be better. Ed Lee plays the father in his own inimitable style. Newcomer, Sandra, plays the Daughter while the lovely Amber Olsen plays the Stepmother. There is also supporting featured cast of considerable star power. Katie plays the daughter's friend, and Jacque plays the role of Katie's Mother. My goodness, it would be hard to assemble a more delicious cast of bouncing bottoms.


Scene 1: Wife Betty is talking on the phone with her husband Roger. From her end of the conversation we can tell she is fed up with Stepdaughter Cheryl's back talking and sassy mouth. She tells her husband that she is going to discipline her stepdaughter her way.
Scene 2: Betty is in the kitchen washing dishes when Cheryl comes home. She calls Cheryl into the kitchen and asks why she has been late for curfew. After a brief discussion, Betty slaps Cheryl across the face and sends her up to her room. "I will deal with you tomorrow morning," she says as Cheryl scurries up the stairs to her room.
Scene 3: The next morning we see Betty making coffee and preparing breakfast while Cheryl is upstairs preparing for school. Betty stops what she is doing, hurries up the stairs into Cheryl's bedroom, grabs her by the ear and marches her into her own bedroom. Once there it's time for an over the knee spanking with the hairbrush, all the time admonishing her for lies and being late for curfew. First on the short skirt she is wearing, and then on the panties, and finally on the bare bottom.
Scene 4: Cheryl is on her bed crying and rubbing her bruised bottom.
Scene 5: Jacque is talking on the phone to her friend Betty who is telling her what their two daughters have been up to. Jacque and Betty decide that Jacque should give them a good spanking also - both of them. Katie is first to receive a very hard over the knee spanking. Then it's Cheryl's turn. When she is through, they both have very red bottoms. I must say that Jacque gives a great spanking.
Scene 6: Cheryl is back over Betty's knee for a little more reckoning.
Scene 7: Betty is on her way out to her club meeting. She stops in the living room to tell Ed she is leaving. Ed tells her that he will also have a talk with Cheryl, and he too will punish her.
Scene 8: Cheryl arrives home and Ed tells her that he is going to punish her now for all of her transgressions and her attitude. He bends her over his knee for a few quick slaps and then sends her up to her room to prepare for the strap and an enema. He orders her to go and fetch the strap and to go up to her room and prepare for him.
Scene 9: Ed grabs a bottle for the enema and goes up to her room where he lays her across the bed for a very agitated strapping. She receives a very hard strapping, first on her jeans and then on her panties. This leaves Cheryl sobbing and weeping. But that is not enough. He continues on her bare ass. While spanking Cheryl, Cheryl tells her father that her stepmother has been lying to him and is cheating on him. He then gives her 2 enemas.
Scene 10: Betty is arriving home and Ed is waiting for her. He tells her that he knows what she has been doing and she will pay for her indiscretion. He proceeds to pull her over his lap and administers an impromptu spanking. First over her skirt, then on her panty hose, and finally on the bare, and then sends her up to bed crying. I have to say that I could watch Amber Olsen get spanked all day. She is one good looking and voluptuous woman!
I only have one complaint. I would have paid an additional $20 to see Jacque get spanked along with the rest. I can't wait for "Stepdaughter Four" I highly recommend this video, and give it a 10.5 out of 10 on the "spank-o-meter".

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