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St. Lukes Harsh Strokes

53 minutes
Review by COLLECTOR - Posted 10/29/10

Actress Simon-Claire, a tall and athletic blonde, plays Barrett, a Head Girl at St. Luke's School, and surprises us as one of the more merciless spankers we have seen at CalStar. The female janitor, Miss Rublaix, has failed to polish the tennis trophies, one of which Barrett expects to win tomorrow. Rublaix elects being spanked to being reported to the Headmistress.

Barrett does a number on the Rubenesque Rublaix; first a very hard handspanking OTK, on skirt, thong, then bare, a lot of yelling and hair pulling. Next the oval paddle, swung hard with full backswings, and forehand and backhand, in case you missed the tennis references. Rublaix's bottom is entirely bruised and blotched, unusual at this point in the progressive CalStar spanking process. We'll accept the fact that Barrett just hits harder.

"This is the biggest ass I have ever spanked." Rublaix must strip and twirl for us. She refuses to do jumping jacks (star jumps) in the nude, for which we are glad, but it earns her the floppy leather paddle. Barrett slashes as she spanks--high, low, thighs, vertical. "I think this ass of yours is ready for the cane." "Oh Miss, please. This is going to hurt me so much." And it does, at least 25 strokes shown, angled slashes all over her bottom and thighs. A rough session, slightly on the grotesque side. She is dismissed, naked.

Barrett has retired to her room and has summoned Herbert, her tennis partner, who reports and claims injury. No tournament tomorrow, no trophy. "If you can't play tomorrow, you're in for a severe spanking." "You can't." Barrett flashes her Head Girl chevron. the cute perky brunette Herbert is going to get "a severe handspanking right across the bottom which refuses to play tennis."

And it will be severe, because this actress knows no other way. "Please Barrett, no." Skirt up, surprising red spangled panties, a hard resonant OTK. Herbert stands and Barrett yanks down the panties with ferocity. More rocking handspanking. Herbert is also marking and bruising faster than common.

Herbert is paddled, OTK and over the back of the straight chair, remaining totally silent. "By the time I am finished with you, you won't sit down for a week." She paddles even harder, kicking Herbert's legs wider. Not a peep until the floppy leather strap--then desperate grunts.

"It's the cane for you." 20 slashers on a fine round bottom, full screen over the chair, and mottled, blotched, and bruised in a pattern like rain streaks on glass. The closeups from the floor as the cane falls are textbook stuff. We thought she would cry "uncle" and play tomorrow, but she doesn't and will have to wear long pants the next time she does play.

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