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This video was made in the 80's is I believe was recently re-released by Cal-Star. The gist of the story is Jamie is a wild child student being sent to a reform school. The video starts with Jamie being driven to the headmistresses office. She is wearing a red plaid schoolgirl skirt with white blouse and white panties and has short blonde hair. After arriving at the office, the headmistress begins the lecture. She makes her stand and lift her skirt up. The headmistress pulls down Jamie's panties and gives her a few slaps on the behind while she's facing the camera. Jamie is then bent over the desk and receives some strokes with the strap. This video features alot of lecturing, so we don't see alot of slaps or stokes at once. So, she might get a couple of slaps, then the headmistress with scold for a while, then another slap or two, then scold. You get the idea. Jamie is then made to lay down on the desk and is put in the diaper changing position. The strapping continues with alot of lecturing. Jamie does alot of squirming and wiggling around. She is then back over the desk for a short stint and then goes over the headmistress' knee. As you can probably guess by this point, Jamie isn't kept in one position for very long. After a short OTK session, she is back over the desk again. The next position is sort of different, she is made to sit on an office chair backwards, so she is facing the back of the chair. The headmistress spins the chair around slapping Jamie's butt cheeks one a revolution. I thought that was a unique scene. The last portion has her lying down on the floor for a few strokes with the cane. I wouldn't say the strokes are the hardest I've ever seen, but it's not a bad video, especially considering it is a few years old. Running time is 30 minutes.

2nd review by Collector posted 9/26/08
27 Minutes

American actors with resulting reduction in the quality of the spanking. Jamie, a short-haired volatile redhead, is equipped to perform for us but isn't tested. Mr. Dickens, a rather evil spanker we've seen at work in "School Reports" and "Exchange Student," escorts Jamie downtown to Miss Wells for some professionally applied discipline.

Looks like Dickens is in the business of catching truants for a living, not a bad assignment, bounty-for-bottoms; he warns Jamie that Wells is "very severe," which is music to our ears when you gaze on Jamie. Jamie is handed over and Wells goes to work, pulling her pants down. Perfect little shave. Some hard slaps on her bottom, then a bend-over the desk for a strap. Wells tries her in the diaper position because Jamie won't stay still. A lot of time is taken struggling from one position to another. The only real chastisement here is verbal.

Some more strapping--maybe it happened; we just see her face. She straddles a chair without her pants--a sexy pose, but only one or two slaps. Kneel down, stand up, bend over, etc. No action. Some taps with a cane wouldn't hurt the proverbial fly.

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