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Strap for Sophie

26 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 8/8/08

A simple half-length feature exercise, set in an actual offcie, with all the furniture and equipment, including the occasional sound of a passing train. If you have ever considering that strapping might improve employee performance, here is a naughty primer on the subject.

Sophie bustles around the fully stocked office --CalStar took somebody's office for the shoot--she is wearing a scandalously short skirt and thong-like panties, so that her bottom peeks out when she bends. Her boss, from the veteran spankers at CalStar, is angry with both her attitude and her attire. She is vulnerable, they are alone in the building, and there is no time like the present. The boss makes her bend over and fondles her pants. She admits her boyfriend spanks her. His eyes light up and he suggests: "We might enjoy our relationship better."

He clears his desk, she goes over, panties bunched, and is mildly paddled and tawsed; he pulls her hair back so we can see her face; next a ping pong paddle; lots of fondling and inspection.

He produces his "brand spanking new" cane and they move out into the open office area, where in fact no one is around, and good thing, considering what happens. Sophie strips off her little black dress, is wearing no bra, and steps out of her panties. Naked, she bends over someone's desk and takes 25 nice cane strokes. She is into this, as we are, and spreads her legs for another 10. At the conclusion, the boss tells Sophie: "8 o'clock every Monday morning, over my desk....."

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