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Strictly Private Investigation

From: Strictly English and Strictly English America
Guest Review by: Gord Henley
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

I'm going to begin the review by directly quoting the "Strictly English Ameria " website's comments about "A Strictly Private Investigation" (for those who may not know, Strictly English America is a sister site of Here goes....

"Amanda Devlin gets a nasty surprise when insurance investigator Chris Sutton turns up on her doorstep. He confronts her with evidence that repairs to her car for which she has claimed 3,000 pounds were not in fact done. She begs him not to report her, & even offers him sex! He says he is disgusted by her suggestion and thinks she deserves a good spanking just for suggesting it. 'A spanking would be OK,' she replies, 'If it would get me off' Sutton retorts that it will take a lot more punishment than a spanking for him to let her off. In desperation, Amanda agrees to report to his house the following day for whatever punishment he deems fit! "

Unfortunately for Amanda, (but fortunately for we viewers), Amanda is not on time for her appointment, and because of this, receives a stern strapping on both hands. At this juncture, she may be regretting agreeing to Sutton's terms, but it's too late now. After her strapping, he takes her over his knee, and receives her first spanking. Chris the "Insurance Agent" is not fooling around, so as a result, Amanda's bottom reddens quickly. She tries to tell him he's not "being fair" by spanking her (something that will become a recurring theme, and he ignores her - telling her she is the one who tried to defraud the insurance company - which will also become a recurring theme.)

After the spanking (which begins on her panties and proceeds to the bare bottom), Chris tells Amanda she needs to start the "hard work" portion of her punishment, by "Hoovering" (what North Americans would call vaccuuming). However, in spite of her spanking, Amanda continues to protest, so Chris tells her to bend over, and place her hands on the chesterfield. Before she is allowed to vacuum, Amanda has received not one, not two, but three (!) spankings in this position. As she does the "Hoovering", Amanda must allow her bare bottom to show. Although in the context of the movie, this is for humiliation purposes, I couldn't help thinking it was for maximum viewing enjoyment of lovers of the female bottom, like me !

After she's finished the "Hoovering", Amanda begins to dust, and notices the cane. She picks it up, and decides to "test" it on herself, to see what it feels like. Chris walks back into the room just as Amanda is doing this, and tells her to bend over, so she can find out what the cane really feels like.

After the brief caning, Chris tells Amanda hasn't dusted properly, and orders her to lie down on her back, on the couch. After she has done this, she is spanked in the "diaper position", starting on her panties, and once again progressing to her bare bottom. Chris is not finished with this round of punishment, as he orders Amanda to kneel on the couch, and proceeds to give her a bare bottom strapping. Once again, Amanda is on the verge of tears, once again tells him it was not her fault (and he's not being fair), and once again all this does is earn her even harder spanks. Once the strapping is over, Amanda is told she must go upstairs and clean the bathroom, as she has agreed to a day of "hard work and hard punishment". She slowly goes upstairs, and we once again get a fabulous view of her bare bottom.

Once she arrives in the bathroom, the first thing Amanda does is look at her bottom in the mirror. Naturally, Chris catches her doing this, and spanks her with the wooden bath brush. She complains that it's his fault that she wasn't cleaning, since he hasn't provided the cleaning supplies. (What do think happens next, dear reader? Right the first time... she gets another spanking !) After this, Chris leaves her to her cleaning.

When Amanda comes downstairs, Chris orders her to take off her skirt and top, in order to further humiliate her, as part of her punishment. She is then once again spanked in the diaper position on the couch. In this position, Amanda is spanked by hand, and with a paddle. Afterwards, she goes to the kitchen, and puts on an apron. The humiliation continues, as she must clean the kitchen with her panties pulled down and her well spanked bottom in plain view. Once the cleaning is completed, she goes upstairs to change... and we (thank Mr or Ms Producer) once again get to look at that beautiful bare bottom all the way up the stairs.

When Amanda comes back to the living room, fully dressed, she thinks her punishment is over. She's been spanked, strapped, & paddled several times, and there's nothing left to clean. However, the observant viewer will notice a desk has been placed in the roon, and on the desk is the cane. Amanda soon notices these items, and before long, is bent over said desk, and on the receiving end (pun intended) of a strict, and very thorough caning. Unless I counted wrong, Amanda receives at least 18 strokes of the cane, which bring tears to her eyes. At the conclusion of these strokes, she's is ordered to pull up her panties, but complains her bottom is too sore to do this. As a result, she receives an additional three strokes of the cane ! The next time she's ordered to get dressed, she does so quickly!

Before Amanda is dismissed, she agrees to come back to Chris' house the next week, for "more of the same".

The final scene of the movie sees Chris on the phone. But who is he talking to ? What is he saying? Well, that's for me to know, and you to find out by buying this movie (trust me, after you have done so, you'll thank me for not giving away the ending). You'll have to do some "work" to find out the ending (but it'll be a labor of love, i.e. watching the movie - ha ha), but it will be worth it. But please, don't tell anyone what you have found out. In other words, please keep what you're doing, "A STRICTLY PRIVATE INVESTIGATION"

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