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Strict Prison

Produced by Diseno Media HPS ( (2004)
Starring Dominkika and Kelly
Foreign language with subtitles
Reviewed by: John O'Connell

Strict Prison is another fine release from Pain4Fem. The DVD is packed with extras including a scene select option, backstage scenes, photos, and trailers from other movies. The main selection starts with Kelly, the lovely blonde prison guard, looking over a wall. She appears to have something on her mind, and that something would be Dominkia whom is helplessly waiting in her cell. Kelly arrives at the cell and lets herself in. Dominkia is under the covers of her cot with the blanket pulled all the way up to her chin. Kelly removes her coat and then yanks down the covers revealing Dominkia is still fully clothed in her prison dress. Kelly takes a seat at the edge of the bed and flips the dress up revealing Dominika's white panties. She shoves her legs apart and caresses her thighs. She tells the unwilling inmate not to struggle and that she can do what she wants. Dominkia asks Kelly to stop, but she just ignores her. Finally, Dominkia can not stand the touching anymore and shoves Kelly off the bed. Kelly strikes the inmate and then places her hands behind her back. Kelly applies a pair of handcuffs and then drags Dominkia to see the warden (at least that's who I believe he is).

Once the pair arrives at the office, Kelly tells the warden that Dominkia struck her. He is not pleased about this and says that she'll be punished. The handcuffs are removed and Dominkia rubs her wrists before having them placed in leather straps that are then secured to a wooden stable. The warden gives Dominkia a few smacks over the dress before pulling it up and then lowering her panties. After a few more slaps, he selects a small strap from a fairly large repetoir of spanking implements. He proceeds to redden her bottom with the small strap before tying her legs to the legs of the table. A thin cane is then selected and used to place some straight lines across her bottom. The warden decides that this is not enough and sprays water on her sore buttocks before applying an even larger cane. Although she makes some grunts and groans, Dominika keeps hold of her faculties and refuses to break down. The caning continues and the stripes become darker. Finally, he's decided that she's learned her lesson and orders the session to conclude. She is handcuffed again and just as she is about to be led back to her cell by Kelly, she says that she still will not be her sex slave. The warden hears this and orders Kelly to return after Dominkia is placed in her cell.

After a few moments, a slightly somber Kelly returns to the office. The warden is furious. Evidently, Kelly has done this before. He is concerned about scandal and is upset that he punished an innocent woman. There is only one thing to do. That is punish Kelly for her mis-conduct. He removes her white button down shirt, exposing her firm breasts. The warden then places the wrist restraints on her and places her hands in two rings that hand from the ceiling so that her arms are suspended above her head. The warden selects a whip from the punishment archive and proceeds to whip her back. Feeling as though Kelly has not learned her lesson from the whipping, he places her across the table in the same manner Dominkia was. With her hands secured, her skirt raised, and her black panties lowered to her knees, Kelly is hand spanked and then punished with a cat o' nine tails type instrument. Finally the cane is applied, which pulls screams out of Kelly with each stroke. As with Dominkia, water is sprayed on her bottom for several strokes before being wiped off. Once her bottom is good and stripped, the warden unties Kelly and has her put her shirt back on. He tells her not to make any more sexual advances towards inmates and then sends her on her way.

This film is amazing. I don't know where Pain4Fem came from, but I hope they keep making spanking films. The girls are beautiful, the spanking action is hard, and the atmosphere is convincing. The DVD quality is outstanding, with excellent picture and sound. This is just one fantastic film.

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