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Strict Regime

52 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 2/26/10

Her Ladyship Madame DuBois maintains a strict regime in her household with the paddle and the cane. Most of the housework must end up being done standing up. The Madame is very upset with the cook, Mrs. Bridges, for a lot of kitchen failures. Bridges, a heavy, older blonde, reluctantly agrees to spanking to settle the offense.

Bridges strips and puts on a silly artist's vest, open at the sides, we have seen before at CalStar; it is silly unless the person is wearing no pants. Bridget bends over a table and Madame folds up the vest to expose the bottom which got the actress this job. A very hard handspanking begins--suddenly it becomes milder. There was some discussion, it appears. The spanking shifts to OTK, it is moderate and there is too much delaying talk. Bridget kneels on a small table for the often-used oval paddle, then kneels on a chair for a harder round leather paddle.

Cane time. swoosh. "Hear that?" "..yes.." She bends over and takes about 15 strokes, conventional, with welts and bruises she can remember as she works through the rest of the day and week.

One look at the second household staffer, Pippa, a chambermaid, and you know she needs to be spanked, and probably often. A little brunette in pigtails, she has been caught smoking, not working, and out of uniform. The cameraman is much more interested in her. Madame explains that spanking is what is done around here, "to remember who's in charge." OTK, little blue skirt, white panties, DuBois is fascinated by pulling down those pants.

Pippa is directed to put on the naughty vest and strips without hesitation. Her little mohawk testifies to her sauciness. She positions a chair for her own spanking, then is paddled and strapped with the stiff leather spanker. Sweet little cries of pain. The logical next step--off with the vest and she is naked--for the cane. "Now this is probably going to hurt you." 15 fast strokes. Madame saws Pippa's bottom between strokes and fingers the weals with pride. A few strokes on Pippa's thighs created some special excitement.

Pippa sexily dresses at the conclusion. This caning seemed to be about more than just household punishment.

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