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Struck Off

56 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 6/20/08

A little bit chintzy for CalStar; a two-part affair where girls have to choose between being fired ("struck off") or taking a spanking for transgressions on their jobs. Needless to say, there will be no scenes at the unemployment office.

Part I: A sick woman calls her husband to come home to deal with a lazy home-care nurse. The husband catches the tarty blonde nurse having rifled their possessions in addition to goofing off. Nurse hears the ultimatum and responds, "You can't spank me for this. I haven't done anything wrong." The wife goes to get what they call the "instruments." The husband starts the girl OTK, nurse uniform up and white pants down.

Nurse is amused, at least at first. Kneeling on a chair, she meets his "friends," a floppy strap, two studded straps, and a ping-pong shaped paddle. She stands and the husband helps her off with her uniform. Such courtesy. Down to bra and sneakers, panties at the thighs, for more paddling, straps, and a tawse. She hands over her bra. This lady COULD quit her day job! All sort of positions for paddles, straps, kitchen spoons, and a hairbrush, including the diaper position on a chair. The blonde nurse is looking disgusted and sniffling at this point. This wasn't discussed at nursing school. The spoon produces nice white circle bruises. "You're going to get the cane on your bare bottom before you're out of here." Nice slow-hold closeup of all the essentials, and 20 crisp cane strokes kneeling on a chair. Another closeup. Tomorrow will be a better day for our nurse.

Part II: Another young lady offered the choice of a private spanking to settle a work dispute. An attractive Indian girl has been dspensing prescriptions on the side in her job as a nurse. The female administrator: "Report to my office in 15 minutes." In the office, the boss shows the nurse her implements--"I'm going to give your severe corporal punishment." We love these scenes where the disciplinarian brandishes an armful of tools and the poor victim must contemplate what is in store for her.

After some ineffectual OTK, the nurse has been stripped down to just bra and seems unimpressed so far. She is paddled over a couch, surrenders her bra and is now nude. Next thhe tawse, follwed by a leisurely frontal view of a carefully tended mohawk. "Now I'll show you the cane." The nurse takes about 15 strokes, hands on ankles, a posture never disappointing. Nice weals and bruises. She jumps convincingly between strokes. Message delivered. "Get back to your post."

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