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Suburban Brat

37 Minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted on 3/20/09

Another glorious tribute to the Oscar-bodied Jennifer Brooks. Jennifer plays a bored California housewife sunbathing in her bikini on her deck, flashing her breasts, and generally being as naughty as she can be. A naughty Jennifer Brooks can make your palm itch.

The actor Dak Morton plays her husband in this little domestic melodrama, and he is suitably angry at her behavior. He plays a slightly older real estate developer, suggesting his nubile wife may have a roving eye.

Over the deck railing she goes for a handspanking on her pink bikini. The sound is poor here outside in the breeze, somebody realized, so they go inside, where lighting and sound equipment wait in position; the spanking continues in front of the fireplace.

Dak takes her bikini pants down and we now have more time with this wonderful bottom we have described in other Shadow Lane reviews. Jennifer's wiggling squirming protests and the way she keeps he bottom so beautifully positioned combine to make her one of our favorites. Dak slowly fondles his handiwork while those high heels kick. She makes insincere apologies, important for us, because we are just getting started.

In the next scene, Jennifer, in sexy halter and shorts, flirts with the gardener, played by Butch Simms. If you want to see Simms deliver in classic adult style, watch SL's "Laying Down the Law." He is all muscle, and only part of him is shown here. They converse in the noisy garden, about fetishes, spanking, etc. Lots of bending over and preening from Jennifer.

Back inside, Dak is ready to spank her again for this silly flirtation. A nice handspanking on stylish pink shorts, which are unbuttoned and slowly peeled down off her bottom. "Oh, you're not wearing any panties." Jennifer rocks and rolls sweetly, teasing us with glimpses of her classic body. "You're going to behave yourself tonight at the dinner party." Yeah, right. She gets "twelve of the best" from a hairbrush ("No, not the hairbrush.") and Dak shows her a strap he might use later. Go for it, Jennifer.

We soon see the party didn't go well. Jennifer was a "disgusting spectacle," so it's bottom time again. She gets the strap on her party dress, then is spanked OTK, skimpy panties down. She has the temerity to call her husband Dak "grandpa," and prefers to be called a brat rather than a bitch. She kicks and squawks and we get a closeup of her reddening bare bottom. What she needs more than anything else is a sequel.

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