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Sussexful Therapy

56 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 11/21/08

A tarty female therapist and her male assistant Purvis have advertised for clients who have personal sexual problems. Two girls have made appointments. The premise seems to be that experiencing some pain cleanses the frustration. Sounds good to us. How large is the waiting room?

Claire Gordon, a statuesque sophisticated black girl, arrives. She has a bad sex life and admits to liking spanking and "painful" experiences. The therapist is clearly thrilled and advises Claire "You may have to have your shorts down and look at this pain we give." Purvis is called in to remove Claire's shorts. He doesn't have to be called twice. He is one of the gray-haired CalStar ageplay veterans whose presence assures action. The short shorts are unbuttoned. Claire's glamorous showgirl body makes it seem her bottom is 8 feet off the ground.

The therapist takes her OTK and pulls up her blouse. Claire didn't wear panties today. A hard slow handspanking. "Is this what you like, Claire?" "...yes..." Purvis is poised nearby, clutching a sheath of spanking implements. He wants a crack. When Claire starts to struggle, Purvis holds her still. "Harder, madame, harder." The therapist directs Claire to "strip off" and Purvis is there to help with the buttons. Blouse and bra come off. Claire does some 360's for us and is rightfully proud.

Claire kneels nude on a chair. Purvis begins with a strap and Claire wiggles as if she had an itch. "Bottoms up, Claire," the cry is repeated. Claire and both "therapists" are having more fun than they care to show.

Purvis produces the cane. Claire takes 15 on the chair, laughs and jumps a few times. Purvis takes over and delivers 35 more firm, snappy, experienced strokes, veteran that he is. Claire is no longer amused. The office bell rings to announce the second girl has arrived. Claire is sent off nude, her bottom surely ringing like that bell after the caning.

Lisa Winter enters, an attractive long curly-blonde, another potentially exciting project. She is having trouble with her boyfriend and having lesbian tendencies. The suggestion is that these feelings can be beaten out of her. Purvis is called again. "Help her take off her jeans and top." Lisa looks nervously at the camera, truly as if this were her first time. "You've got to take your clothes off in front of a man. He's our symbol." "What pretty panties you are wearing."

OTK, panties bunched, handspanking. Madame kisses Lisa's bottom. Panties slowly down. To Purvis: "Look at the peach." Lisa admits she is liking it. Madame plays with her breasts. Lisa pulls madame's top down and reciprocates. Purvis is odd man out at this point and is chased off.

Soon they are both in a nude embrace. "My little peach." Purvis is called back in. "Why, madame, I have never seen you nude before." Lisa kneels for the strap, presenting as perfect and sweet a bottom as it needs to be. Cane time. The madame jumps around naked, in ecstasy. They check--yes, the peach is "nice and warm." The naked girls think Purvis is a pervert. "I enjoy beking a pervert, to be honest."

Lisa is fondled, front and back, long and languid. Purvis gets the cane. Lisa sees it. "How many do I got to have?" The rampant domme therapist knows better than to be specific about that. There follow about 20 slow, vigorous cracks. Lisa grasps, gasps, and grabs. They let her suffer by spacing out the strokes, to maximize the sting, her bottom full screen for most of the action. The domme kisses and licks Lisa's bottom at the conclusion, declares her therapy incomplete, and sends Purvis to schedule more appointments for Lisa.

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