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Sedish Lashes

50 minutes
Guest Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 12/17/10

Pertinent title, in that all three girls are lovely, tall, shapely showgirl-types, with limited CP appearances we can detect. Two daughters visit their stepmother from Sweden. They have done something to her business and she is hopping mad. "Someone is going to pay...I should speak to your father...I should give you a sound thrashing and send you back to your father, marked." (We must assume their father would be routinely checking their bottoms upon return).

The girls don't want to be reported, of course. Tthe first stepdaughter, a thin, glamorous refreshing, ingenue type is taken OTK first. Her skirt is pulled up to expose a white thong. Bruises appear immediately, even though the handspanking is mild. Thong down, the blonde whines. Excellent soft facial shots. The brunette stepmother, glamorous and sophisticated herself, is clearly enjoying this bare tush in her lap.

The blonde is released and stands at the wall in classic CP style, except she faces us to watch the action on her sister and has been allowed to pull up her panties and lower her skirt. Brunette sister is spanked, just as charming. The blond stepdaughter tries to intervene, and this attention triggers her having to drop her panties, raise her skirt, and display a nify mohawk. The camera zooms in on this girlie show.

"You have your father to thank for this." The girls are ordered into the sitting room. "Skirts off, you won't be needing those." The two gorgeous bare-bottom girls examine each other while they await their stepmother. The oval soft paddle is next, the girls take turns kneeling up on a couch for a stiff paddling; they kick their high heels--no barefoot fetish people on this film crew. Screen shots are wide enough to catch the naked body of the girl-on-deck. "I'm enjoying this, sending you back to Daddy like this."

Moving steadily to the inevitable, both girls strip naked, tops off, bras off, and display charming unenhanced girlish figures (except for naughty mohawks). Nothing but shoes (A girl can never have enough shoes!). The stepmother has a cane standing in the corner. The brunette is first, hands-on-couch, head low, breasts hang down, 25 moderate strokes, repeats from several angles. The camera detects her nipples have stiffened. Her view between her arms allows her to see the cane backswing, so she involuntarily twists her bottom to avoid the strike. Welts and weals halfway through. Stepmom is delighted, as we are.

Time for the very fetching blonde, even more comely in the nude. "It's going to hurt quite a bit." More strokes are shown/repeated--about 30. Excellent marks early on, very nice facials of an unhappy but brave girl.

Of course Mom wants to compare tushes side-by-side. The girls may dress and leave. As they do, they both look at the camera with some disgust, as if to say to the men on the crew standing there looking at them. There. Satisfied? Did you get what you wanted, see enough?

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