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Sweet Peas

Guest Review by Gord Henley, posted 3/4/06

I have been watching, and enjoying OhhTeeKay's spanking movies for several years now, and have to admit I have never seen a movie like "Sweetpeas". I seriously doubt if anyone else has, either.

Even before the movie begins, there is a disclaimer that what we are about to see is strictly an adult role - play fantasy.... and that in no way is meant to condone physical punishment of children, or children in sexual situations. As the movie progresses, we see why the disclaimer was necessary. How Cecil got what he got out of the two actresses in acting out their roles, Keli Anderson and Christina Carter, is so realistic, so convincing, and just so good, that it's easy to believe them as children being punished. In fact, in my humble opinion, if there were Academy Awards for spanking movies, these two lovely ladies would tie for the Best Actress Award, and Cecil might get the awards for writing and directing.

The movie begins with a shot of Christina in a playpen, wearing nothing but a diaper, and sucking on a pacifier. The camera shows us some interesting shots, as we get an "overhead" look at Christina, as well as shots that show being in the playpen from her perspective. After awhile, we get to see the other star of the show, Keli, in her playpen, equally naked, except for a diaper. Soon, these two "babies" discover each other, and begin to - well - play with each other. in many ways. Sometimes like the "babies" they're portraying... at other times like the "babys" of the fantasies of all red-blooded North American males into spanking and gorgeous women. (It's during this "play time" that we see things what's written on Christina's bib ... "Full of Surprises". (Heck, that could have been a sub-title for this movie) and Keli looking at Christina's luscious breasts as a source of food is mind-boggling. But, since this is a spanking movie, the girls are discovered, and told they must be spanked for playing with other, and for taking their diapers off. Keli (referred to in the movie as "baby Jodi") goes first.

I have to admit, the first time I watched her spanking, I was a bit disturbed. I temporarily forgot I was watching an adult, who is into spanking, and merely playing a role. I thought I was watching a child get spanked, especially when she said things like "Daddy no spank baby", and " I want my Mommy". Her "cries" are also quite childlike. However, as I watched the movie again and again, I was able to get past the initial concerns I had. Same with Christina's initial spanking, which comes after she tells the man spanking Keli " No spank baby". The man agrees, and says he's going to spank her, instead. If anything, she acts even more like a child then Keli did. Again, when I first watched it, I found it disturbing. After watching it several more times, I was able to get into the eroticism of the realism. And make no mistake about it, like any and all OhhTeeKay films "Sweetpeas" is erotic.

After their initial spankings, which have been with their diapers on, the girls are sent to the corner. There, instead of being unhappy, they begin to play again, throwing their hair around, acting like - well - like young girls. The fun is soon over, though, as it's time for round two of the girls spankings... this time on their bare bottoms. Again, they act like spanked little girls, complete with the appropriate verbiage. This time, though, it's not quite as disturbing as the first time, as the lovely ladies have drawn us into their web, so to speak.

While one of the spankings is going on, Cecil comes into the room (all long time viewers will recognize his deep, bass voice), and demands to know what's going on. He decides for their infractions, the girls are not being spanked hard enough, so the initial spanker demands Cecil show him how it's done. Of course, Cecil proceeds to do just that.

The viewers are in for a real treat now, as we are going to get to see Keli and Christina spanked at the same time.... and they even take turns being over Cecil's knee. It's while Christina's spanked by Cecil that we're able to see everything is "okay", so to speak. Christina tells someone to stop what they're doing, and even adds a very adult expletive. The camera also does a close-up of her face, and she's seen to be smiling, if not laughing.

After their final spankings, the girls are again placed in the corner, and again revert to the kind of "playing" young girls would do.... especially when Keli tells Christina "no cwy"...and gets mad at her for continuing to sniffle.

All in all, this is a most unique viewing experience, combing two gorgeous women.... more than realistic acting, and moderate to hard spankings. It's the kind of film that may not be for everyone, and I'm sure Cecil would be the first to admit that. However, for the true connoisseur of spanking movies, it's a must see for all of its truly unique qualities. As well, for any of us who have been customers of OhhTeeKay, we know the company is one of the most reputable in its field, and has earned the benefit of the doubt.

It must also be said that someone, probably Cecil, went out of their way to provide realistic clothing, and a setting that befits the subject matter. This is part of what holds the whole thing together for me.

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