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Review by Alvin, posted 4/4/08

Just occasionally you chance upon a website where there is a spanking film featuring a girl so sexy, it takes your breath away. Even if it's only a 10 minute clip. Such is the case with "Swimming Girls Spanked" from www.spankingdigital.com.

The plot is as follows. Mean old uncle has his 2 sexy nieces in the shape of Paris and Christina staying with him. Apparently, they've been making quite an impression on the beach in their bikinis. Drawing quite a crowd by all accounts. Anyway the clip starts with him ushering them protesting into the lounge and complaining at them being undressed on the beach. Well virtually as their bikinis leave little to the imagination.

Paris, slim and dark-haired is wearing a lime-green number. And as for Christina. This stunning blonde is wearing what could only be described as the skimpiest bikini I have ever seen. It's sky-blue and the top struggles to contain her enormous breasts, with her nipples showing. At any time, you expect them to spill out. And her bottoms are so miniscle, it barely covers the essentials at the front. The whole ensemble designed to leave any man gasping.

After a short exchange of words, the uncle declares, "I can see the only thing you two will take notice of is a good spanking"

The 2 look at him with utter contempt as if to imply not to be ridiculas.

"Any anyway", Paris says, "We're too old to be spanked". "Way too old", continues the older Christina.

But after sending Christina to the corner, he drags the strugling Paris over his knee and starts to spank her. Pretty soon those lime-green bottoms which cover very little are down around her knees and the spanking continues. Then seeing she's wearing flip-flops proceeds to use these on her reddening bottom. She really howls at this. During the punishment, the camera switches to Christina who is standing there with a haughty disdain. Not believing for one moment that such a juvenile punishement could be applied to her.

Well she's in for a big surprise. After finishing with Paris, who jumped up frantically rubbing her reddened behind, the man turns to Christina. "You're the older one, you should have known better".

"You can't be serious", Christine says. And she seems more embarassed that the punishment is to be carried out in front of a younger girl than the fact it may hurt.

(Strangely enough I've had an experience of that myself. A while ago, when work wasn't going too well, I took on a debt collection round. Somtimes people weren't in, sometimes they paid at the door and occasionaly I was asked in for a coffee. One of the latter was what the newspapers refer to as a dysfunctional family. A woman in her 30's, on her own, bringing up 4 children. Each by a different partner. At that time she was going through a single phase. The kids ranged in age from 16 or 17 down to 5. The eldest a girl, according to the mother, th brat from hell. Out till all hours, mixing with the wrong crowd, drinking underage. She told me that she frequently stayed at a boyfriend's house and used her own as lodgings to drop off washing. The mother was at her wit's end as the girl was supposed to be revising for her exams. Once when I called her daughter happened to be paying a flying visit and did she open a mouth to her poor suffering mother. My first impression was of a well-endowed girl who looked a lot older than she was. No wonder boys flocked around her. After she left I told her what that girl needed was a good old fashioned spanking. About 2-3 weeks later I was back, having a cup of tea. Her 15 year old son was watching tv with a mate. Well she sounded desperate, no sign of her daughter Samantha for 2 days. Well suddenly the door opened and in breezed Samantha who proceeded to tell her mother that she was now moving in permanently with her boyfriend. He was waiting outside in the car. Well all hell broke loose. On the one hand the mother telling her she couldn't go, she had school work to do and Samantha telling her to "fxxx off". There was a lot of shoving and pushing and then it happened without warning. The mother grabbed Samantha's red hair and frog-marched her to a chair. Pulled her down across her knee, flipped up her short blue skirt to reveal a very brief red thong. It was plainly obvious that in her temper, and the heat of the moment, she'd forgotten that I was there, or indeed the 2 boys. Because in a trice, she'd whipped the thong down and she gave her a spanking like I have never seen for a good minute or 2. Obviously, the first she had ever received. But Samantha realised I was watching, as was her younger step-brother and his friend. And she swore and shouted. Very quickly this turned to cries, her thick eye shadow ran and tears steamed down her face. She kicked her legs up and down and side to side and everything was on display although she was past caring. When her mother finished, her arse was beetroot red, and she was ordered to her room. Her thong had worked its way off her ankle so she ran with hand covering her bush and us three males sitting with our mouths open. Unfortunately, it wasn't to last because I heard she did move out. Still what a thrill.)

Anyway, back to the story. Christina finds herself face down with her blue bikini bottoms, basically a thong, covering very little. These are soon removed and then this sexy young woman is subjected to a similar spanking. Her mature bottom wobbles with every smack. How the guy manages to contain himself, goodness only knows. The same could be said about her top containing those massive breasts. WE get some fabulous shots taken from the front and marvel at them hanging down. How they don't "break free", I just don't know. Then Christina gets the "flip=flop" treatment. Cue more howls of protest. Finally, we're treated to the 2 girls bending over while each gets in turn a smack with the flip-flop. Both end up with bright red arses so these 2 girls won't be showing off their delicious hineys on the beach for a few days.

What a film. It just goes to show that you don't always need an hour long film to fire the imagination.

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