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Tainted Past

Starring: Angie
Running Time: 20 Minutes
Reviewed by: John O'Connell 6/5/09

Story: The daughter of the Spanish diplomat was kidnapped by East-European criminals for ransom. They whipped and tortured the girl, and took photos about her and send them to her father... Some years later the girl kidnaps another girl to relive her own suffering from the other side of the bullwhip.

The production starts with two guys talking to each other on cell phones while the captured Angie crouches down with her hands tied behind her back and a black bag over her head. She is wearing a short black skirt, so her white with print panties are clearly visable. Sorry, but as a panty fetish dude, this caught my attention right away. Love that shit. Anyway, the dudes continue to talk on the phone while the camera pans over Angie at various angles. We are then brought to an eerie building that is a cross between an warehouse and a machine shop. There Angie is in a similar position in a dark corner while another female dressed in a short denim skirt stands at the ready with a whip. The camera focuses on her high heeled boots as she makes her way towards Angie. The scene would have been complete if they played the song These Boots are Made for Walking in the background.

The sexy lady guides Angie to an open area with a railing behind it and has her stand straight while she runs her hands over Angie's breasts. She then unbuttons Angie's white blouse and kindly exposes her breasts to the viewing audience so that she can continue rubbing them. Ok, this is just hot. You have a girl with a bag over her head, hands tied behind her back, getting her bare breasts fondled by another hot chick. What more could you ask for? Well, you remember that whip? It's coming out soon. After some more fondling, the lady in the mini skirt take the whip and starts striking Angie's breasts and stomach. She starts off by holding the end and give her short lashes and then gradually works her way up to more potent strikes. The scene continues for several minutes with the lashes then moving to Angie's back as well and red lines start to form all over her upper body. The scene finishes with the sexy whipping lady removing Angie's hood, grapping her face, and giving her a slap for good measure.

We are then returned to the opening scenario with the one guy with the cell phone next to Angie while she is crouched down. The other guy arrives and then Angie is lead to another part of the building where the hood is removed and her hands are untied. There is a short cutaway scene where Angie is rubbing her head, seemingly in insanity. Since the dialogue is not in English, I didn't really understand what that was about. We then find Angie tied in a crouching position to a column. She is wearing only the white with print panties shown in the opening scene. Her hands are tied to the column above her head while her legs are tied in such a fashion so that they keep her crotch open. One of the abductors takes photos of her, while Angie tries to protest. Then comes out another whip. The 2nd guy whips Angie on the breasts, stomach, legs, and eventually panty covered pussy. Needless to say there is a strong vocal response to the lashes that strike these sensitive areas. And of course a panty covered crotch just won't do it, so they slide the panties aside to reveal her bald pussy and give that several rounds of the whip just for good measure. The video ends with Angie being untied and some more of those cut scenes of her rubbing her head.

Another great video from KShara. They do fit quite a bit into 20 minutes. While there was no actual spanking or punishing of the buttocks in this video, the breast and pussy whipping certainly makes up for it. If only the girl in the first scene would have done the whipping naked. Ah, can't have it all I suppose.

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