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Take These Off, Put These On

Year: 1996
time: 42 minutes
Guest Review by Mars 5/8/09

Mild discipline but exciting fantasy from Red Stripe, together with excellent production and decent acting from pleasing characters. A pretext we have seen from other producers--a wife cannot control her credit card spending and needs some punishment; in this instance, a school of correction is available.

The husband, after a suitably short argument, makes a reservation for a week for his wife Susie, a 30-something blonde housewife,who looks like she could provide someone some entertainment. She reports to the "school" and Mr. Parsons, who demands from the outset to be called "sir." Immediately, Susie must strip naked--"Take these off and put these on" and dress in a schoolgirl outfit. She pauses just long enough when she is nude to give us a thrill. It would seem, with her charms, you'd give her a break on the credit cards, but a rousing spanking is always a better choice. She changes into white schoolgirl panties, plaited blue skirt, blouse, necktie, and white socks.

Susie is puzzled, although she must know what any Englishman thinks when he sees a grown woman dressed like this. "This is really stupid. I haven't worn anything like this since I was in school."

Mr. Parsons calls in Elaine, a much younger blonde in pigtails, also exquisitely decked out as a schoolgirl, who assists him at his corrections school acting as a "prefect," giiving her authority over Susie. Taken into an adjoining room, Susie is none too happy kowtowing to this young blonde with "Yes, Miss," and "No, Miss," She ends up OTK immediately, which is the purpose of the school. Skirt up, moderate handspanking on the white pants, slightly excessive whining from Susie. Pants down, "Oh, no, please." "How long do I have to do this?" "As long as it takes."

Over a typical school desk kept on hand for the purpose,for a firm leather paddle, not really hard, but colorful, left and right view. Our comely prefect can crack the paddle. Susie is going to be caned, although she thought that was off-limits. About 7 strokes, on the bare, perfect touch-toes posture. Lots of rubbing. next, cornerd, bare-bottom.

Parsons enters. In fact, Elaine did exceed her authority, but he spanks Susie more anyway and will cane her again. "Please, no." 7 meaningless little taps, but we enjoyed Susie's jewels as she bent over.

Now Parsons turns on Elaine; OTK, she has switched out of the baggy regulation white panties into her own tighter version. She is one of those tall girls whose feet and hands touch the floor when OTK, so that her bottom soars as a result. Panties down--Elaine seems as if this is a frequent occurrence. Susie gets the paddle used on her, Elaine over the same desk for ritualized schoolgirl discipline, 18 counted out.

Cane in the center of the room: touch-toes for about 20 strokes, much harder than the silliness for Susie. Then the concluding, cornered, bare-bottom side-by-side comparison, nicely done, two terrific tushes, sniffling girls.

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