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Taming of the Tease

A Strictly English Production
Written by: Stephen English and Suzi Martell
Directed by: Stephen English
Starring: Steve
Review by: Ronald Scott

This is a unique CP video in that it features a loving and erotically charged couple rather than the traditional dominant character punishing one or more submissives for various transgressions. The girl is just sensational! Think of a black-haired Jamie Lee Curtis in a spanking video.

At the outset, Kate enters and seductively begins kissing her boyfriend, Steve, in the hallway. He lifts her short skirt revealing white panties and deliciously sexy legs which we see more of from below as she climbs the stairs to his bedroom. Halfway up they kiss and caress again. Their acting throughout is very natural and is complemented by languorous slightly jazzy background music.

In the bedroom, they lay down and continue caressing as he pulls her pleated skirt up further. However after a while, she says things are going too fast. Steve says "you always do this to me" and obviously feels his girlfriend is being a "tease". He asks if she trusts him and she says yes.

He places her on the bed face down and spreads her legs and begins to spank her (more like love pats than spanks). The view of her with her skirt up and legs spread is very sexy; and many similar views of this very foxy girl will follow. He begins to spank her harder and a small window in the upper right opens showing her face while the view from behind continues in the large window. This "PinP" effect is repeated several times later on to good effect.

In between spanks he caresses and kisses her; the entire video has a slow languid sensual atmosphere. Beneath the bed he has a few CP instruments; it appears this is not the first time he has encountered her teasing behavior. He takes up a martinet and runs it along the side of her body. He begins using it on her behind but every few strokes he runs it sensually along her body or lightly taps her pussy.

Later, Steve places his lover over a pillow, takes up a paddle, and uses it on her bottom as well as sensually running it over her body and between her legs. Next she removes her skirt and we see all of her great figure for the first time. Steve runs the tip of a cane over her body and begins to cane her. The punishment throughout is moderate with a few hard strokes here and there. But it goes on for quite a while and a close-up of her ass shows some visible cane welts.

He stands her up and bends her over the bed and continues caning her. Now she begins to react more to the strokes. They kiss and she asks him to spank her over his knee. (How often do you see the punished girl asking for more?). He replies, "It would be a pleasure". One gets the distinct impression that Kate and Steve are lovers in real life. After the spanking, the video ends with a long sequence in which they prepare to make love as she slowly pulls down his pants.

Watching this video is like taking a vacation to a steamy tropical island occupied by uninhibited natives who delight in sensual activities. And did I mention how erotic and beautiful Kate is. Overall I give this a score of 8.5 out of 10.


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