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The Taming of Veronica Allen

year of production: 1993
Starring: Tanya Foxx, Brian Tarsis
Directed by Eve Howard; Chelsea Pfeiffer credited on camera

Aspects of Tanya for the record: (1) there is nothing you can do to Tanya she doesn't love having done to her; (2) she has a delightful trim little unenhanced figure, except for dramatic hips, with a lovely well-conditioned bottom--she knows she was born for this work; (is there a Lifetime Achievement award?) and (3) she can actually act. This is about spanking and mild bondage. I don't favor girls going through a meat grinder. I prefer to see a smooth , rosy but unhappy tush emerge to live on for another appointment. So I loved this squirmy performance. Saucy newlywed lingeree'd Tanya tries to get Brian back to bed at the start of the day. But he goes off to work and tells her to call him at 5 PM; she rebels and goes barhopping with a girlfriend until 3 AM. He waits up, confronts her, and drags her over his lap. "What do you think you're doing?" She gets a long spanking, her pants come down en route, and she does some cute wriggling and protesting while loving it all.

Fortunately for us, this is not going to be all. "Slip into something sexy and meet me in the playroom." "But....I don't need any more punishment." In black bra, panties, garter belt, stockings, and heels (little devil!) she's slowly tied, standing bent over a chair, wrists and ankles, and given a dose with a reformatory strap. Black lace panties come down. "Hey, that stings!" She begs Brian for sex to divert him, never ceasing to wriggle her bottom. She can beg! Her cheeks have taken on a red-orange rosy hue. She is then stripped of every stitch but her bra and made to kneel spread knee'd up on a platform with her arms raised spreadeagled between two posts with noisy, sexy chains. Her bra is then removed and she is given a 360-degree workout with a flogger and some pointed torment with a riding crop, achieving nice streaky pink auras at points of interest. Although I enjoyed this extended frontal view, I wish Ms. Howard has devised a rear view by centering the platform and circulating the camera. After all, she's dropped drawers at Nu-West and must have seen how one could stage the scene. Tanya is scrumptuous and frisky in leaning forward to accept a black cloth strip blindfold for the next position, also kneeling, knees spread, ankles chained down, with wrists manacled together and arms pulled between her legs, pushing her face into the platform mat. Butt elevated, cheeks tight and spread wide, doggie style---an ultimately revealing and vulnerable posture; she keeps on wiggling and gets more strapping and flogging. On release, she gives Brian a liquid kiss of surrender.

I concur with others; Shadow Lane is sexy, well produced, moderate in intensity, fun-intended, and I suspect, co-educational. The Complete Works of Tanya (as spankee) might be achievable. This Tanya ranks with Nu-West's rollicking "Tanya Meets Joanne Jameson."

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