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Tandoori Stripes

55 minutes
Review by: COLLECTOR - Posted 1/21/11

Two distinct CP episodes, the unifying link being Indian cuisine. In the first segment, two girls eat in an Indian restaurant (it's completely empty--they should be cautious). They sneak out on their 65 pd. bill, the owner runs them down. "You should come back and have a chat." In fact, he brings them back to his residence.

"I'm going to give you a damn good spanking." The girls don't object. He takes the thin brunette (actress Chloe) OTK first and begins a slow, firm handspanking. She stands to drop her jeans herself, only a little white thong remaining. OTK again, she is bruising early and whines. "I'll spank you as hard as i want to make sure I get my money's worth." The guy is not an experienced spanker--he checks the camera on occasion. Thong down, he squeezes her bott0m--that, he is good at. Chloe suddenly opens her legs as if she just remembered that direction. "Time for another implement. Get up."

Kneeling on a straight chair for the oval paddle, her tush is blotchy. Next the floppy leather paddle. "Time for the canng." About 20 strokes--her pale bottom more heavily marked than the usual CalStar performance.

Actress Hunny Marsh, a more solid brunette, has been watching and now it is her turn. She is spanked and paddled the same way and remains slightly amused by the whole thing. When her caning starts, the marks are immediate and she breaks position after just a few strokes, but she is finished. CalStar's paymaster had better speak to her. The girls are sent on their way.

The second segment and unrelated--actor Michael Dawes, as "Charlie," skillfully irons his dress shirt. His attractive girlfriend returns with takeout curry (the tandoori link) and promptly spills it on his clean shirt.

"You're coming upstairs with me and having a bloody good spanking." Here we are at the CalStar white sectional couch. "You did that [spilled the curry] deliberately so I wouldn't go out [with his friends for a weekly pub crawl]. Looks like Charlie has a girl who's good for a weekly spanking. OTK, spanking on her jeans, she sticks her bottom up invitingly. Jeans down, sky blue bikini pants well filled out. She lifts her hips to help hm ease them down. She admits she's a "naughty girl" and likes this attention.

She takes all her clothes off--an eye-popping figure! Paddle on the couch, a larger oval hard paddle. she stands naked to get ready for the cane and massages her breasts into the camera. This girl is good for a lot more than the weekly spanking, although that should be the base level.

Bend-over, legs wide, very erotic, she takes about 20 cane strokes. The filming is slightly on an oblique angle, so we can see her looking back at us and her bouncing breasts as the strokes fall. This shot is actually better than the full rear view usually presented here. This actress is a poser, with such a glamorous bottom we're not sure we want to see it marked up. A few of Charlie's wheals may not have been intended.

She dresses slowly in a reverse striptease, boobs in closeup, because they deserve the attention. Surely the evening is not over.

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