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Site Status Update Feb 2010- Site is still active and it doesn't appear as though much has changed since I reviewed the site a number of years ago. Hard to tell if they are still updating and if so how often since there is no real preview area. Cost of membership is 34.95 USD for 30 days.


Hi I would like to ad a site to your reviews and to your video review. The site is tantrumtrainers.com. It is owned by Miss Kelly Payne. The site contains all traditional over the knee spanking photos, video clips, contacts, stories with illustrations,a theater and downloads. There is also a biography in which she is very candid and open about her spanking fetish, her life and experiences. This is one of the best spanking sites on the web. It is nicely put together and organized. The updates are done 2-3 times a month. All the material is fresh and new and cannot be found anywhere else on the web. Miss Payne unlike some maintains and updates her site and sees to all her e-mail personally. She is a real person. She is the girl whose photos you see on the site. She shoots all her own material and produces her line of videos. The site is easy to navigate through and the updates stay on forever. Her photos sets are unique in the fact they are all domestic style spanking photos. She also has a great vintage section and a great illustration section. She also has some enema material on the site. The contacts are real and you can meet with any of the girls for live in person session. The site was well though out and it is obvious her heart and soul went into designing this site. A site from a real spanking fetishist.

What can I say WOW.......... I really love the site. I ordered 3 videos, Baltimore Brat 1, 2 and Sick Excuses, they are GREAT... or even better than great. I am life long spanko/Dom. I have seen many videos over the years and while many are real, by that I mean the spankings are real hers are the first ones I have ever seen that actually capture the essence of domestic discipline. The videos all have scenarios with a beginning and end. They are all real and the spanking never stops. The videos are unedited and capture the true essence of traditional discipline spankings. However her videos and web site tell me clearly that she understands the type of relationship we have to spanking. The way she scolds, the smart aleck attitude of the miscreant, everything just hits home with me. When I joined I only joined for a month, I have seen lots of sites over the years and was unprepared to find hers to be so excellent. I will be renewing my subscription not only is the site great but I feel she should be supportive of her efforts to have such a site. It is so obvious that she understands what makes people like me tick, she understands because you are like us.

The lady deserves the review and she deserves to have links on your site.

This is a guest review sent in by a reader:
Hi I found your site on a search engine and first want to tell you WOW it is great I also have purchased spanking videos with no action and a lot of editing. This is why I must E-mail you about a Website I found not to long ago about a year. Actually I am surprised there is no review about it. tantrumtrainers.com owned and run by Miss Kelly Payne.

The site itself is wonderful, very colorful but what is so great about Miss Payne's site is the content it is all real spankings no faking it here. She specializes in traditional OTK spanking. (Women spanking men and women spanking women) Not only can you see her in action you can actually make an appointment to meet with her for your own private spanking session. She answers all her e-mail herself and gets back to you PROMPTLY. (No automatic responses she writes back within hours.) Which shows her dedication to her members and fans.

On this site there is NO touching up photos all real scars, blisters, redness and marks. These men and women get their Asses tanned for real. The spankings are thorough, consistent and hard on the bare-bottom. The other wonderful thing Miss Payne does is she always has a scenario, which explains why the spanking is taking place.

The site also has videos for sale, clips, a theater, downloads, photo gallery, 3 galleries with 100s of vintage photos, a biography which is very personal telling about how she became interested in spanking, her experiences. (Which most can identify with) She also has a question and answer section, which gives all the answers to the questions anyone, would have about a spanking, a session or personal questions about her. If the question you have is not there she will personally answer your question and post it within 24 hours. If this is not enough she has a section with photos her girlfriends (clips and voice messages) that are available for in-person session as well. And more.... There is no doubt in my mind to highly recommend this site. Don't miss it. tantrumtrainers.com

Second I wanted to give a short review of Miss Payne's Video Line. The Kelly Payne Collection. An amateur line with no editing. Short from being perfect these videos show real spanking action, tears, pleading and scolding all the things you want in a spanking video. Her cameraman well it is obvious he too is a spanking lover you can tell by his use of angles how he makes you feel as though you are the culprit. She uses different implements including paddles, straps, slippers, wooden spoons, canes, and a number of other implements to teach these naughty boys and girls a lesson. Miss Payne also has a sense of style I have not seen before. Her costuming is somewhat retro and her spanking style goes along with it. She likes garter belts, stockings, slips, and girdles... She usually starts out dressed in some smart dress or suit and slowly disrobes during the video down to a sexy garter belt, girdle, slip or panties. Her video line covers a large number of different scenarios with men and women of different ages. (All over 18 of course) The videos run anywhere from 35 min-55 min all spanking straight through. No cutting, editing, No wasting time, No faking it. If you are a true spanking fetishist don't miss this video line. Once again you will get more than your money's worth. If you are a real true spanker or spanker you are sure to find something you are looking for at her Website.

There are 4 videos I would like to recommend which I have ordered and the first 2 (girl/girl) are Baltimore Brat part one and two. If you like hard spanking this video has it all hard spanking with hand spanking, strapping, caning and some light anal punishment. In part one Annie is confronted after her boyfriend E-mails Kelly in need of help straightening out his girlfriends attitude and behavior. Miss Payne of course could not resist in helping him.

The other 2 videos I think are very good (girl/guy) Butt Nurse and Cross Cousins Both hard spanking tapes the Butt Nurse has some anal and light enema work in it. A lot of OTK spanking, across the bed strapping and OTK paddling. Cross Cousins starts Kelly and her friend Daisa (someone to look out for a real beauty and true believer of spanking as a way of discipline) The two together in this video well what can I say a beautiful redhead and gorgeous brunette can really lay down the licks. The tape is all scolding with traditional OTK hand spanking, bent over and tied down over a stool strapping and OTK wooden hair brushing and paddling. Some bondage as a nice addition it was obvious they needed it in this video the bad boy just would not stay still after the tie and strap him over and over he does stop his squirming, but they are not satisfied so they finish his spanking off with a good sound hair brushing over their knees with his hands tied. Bravo on teaching this tough customer a lesson.

All her video are shot with mini dv and copied onto VHS tapes. The packaging is colorful and full of photos and copy. It is obvious for an amateur line that her videos are just as good if not better than some professional lines I have ordered. You will not be disappointed.

Go to tantrumtrainers.com it will be well worth your visit.

PS- I spoke to Kelly and she informed me of her other video line Strict women/Kelly Payne which is shot with 2 cameras and edited. The difference with these spanking tapes is in this line it is a number of women spanking men. More than one. So if you are into being humiliated and spanked by more than 2 women you can check this line out at her Website.

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