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Tanya Meets Ed Lee

28 minutes
Guest Review by MARS posted on 5/9/08

One of our all-time favorites, because it was a spanking superbowl between arguably the most famous spanker and the most celebrated bottom in the industry. It is a typically modest production from NW; and this series is generally not mentioned in any Fox filmographies. If they are not important, they certainly are hugely entertaining. Ed Lee does one of his "interview" spankings. He introduces Tanya as an actress who has made spanking films at Shadow Lane and done "other things."

The adult actress Tanya has come to the Nu West studios--this an early first of several visits she makes--on a dare, to see if she can withstand the practiced punishment Ed Lee is known to hand out across his lap. Tanya is wearing a demure off-the-rack blue-print white-collared dress and prim white high heels, consistent with Nu West's costume style of presenting normal off-the-street people (albeit always gorgeous,top and bottom). One look at Tanya's other activities in 1993 would suggest she didn't have this dress at home in her wardrobe.

Lee and Tanya shake hands, sit and chat, in a simple lounge setting on the NW set. They talk about her career and her interest in being spanked. Tanya plays the shy, slightly embarrassed routine, just like the dress she wears. She admits to "a little interest in spanking." We klnow she's come to the right place.

These spankings will be conventional OTK affairs, and escalating in Lee fashion. Tanya and Lee move to a straight chair. She goes over his lap and adjusts herself quite porfessionally. Lee spanks her about 70 times, hard, firm, consistent, on her summery dress. Nice camera of the spanking and her face. They banter as Lee whacks. Just a glimmer crosses her face---this could get exciting.

Back to the sitting area, more chat. Her demeanor reflects her acting experience--innocent little glances, sighs, and laughs, as if she were a pretty girl who stopped by from Accounts Payable to see what a spanking was like.

Second session--up comes the dress. Tanya wears white pantyhose with white panties visible underneath. Another vigorous dose--this time 150 strokes. Lee is increasing the intensity. Tanya's bottom is reddening, and the banter is not so cheerful.

After another leisurely chat, her pantyhose is pulled down and 225 more spanks on white bikini panties. Her bottom is mostly bare and uniformly red. Lee focuses and pounds away. In the next chat, Tanya admits her bottom "stings, burns, and is really hot." So are we.

The final series--Lee pulls the bikini pants down. This photogenic bottom has already been spanked to an apple-red. But she gets 300 more, very hard. She's begun a sexy squawking by this time; Lee pins her wriggling body between his legs. He's a master--the spanks here are too fast to count.

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