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Tassara's Playroom 2

Nu West FCV-11
25 minutes
Guest Review by: MARS - Posted 2/13/09

Edition 2 of this series is a bit confusing, in that it so closely follows the format in the first, FCV-1, and likely done in the same time period. Nu West describes the actresses Tassara Moore and Jennifer Brooks as "Playboy" types, which must mean tall and buxom, but it should not serve to diminish the many other actresses NW has offered up. Tassara plays a dominatrix and Jennifer is her slave.

As in FCV-1, Jennifer will be punished in five segments.

I- Tassara spanks Jennifer on her flower print dress in the OTK position. No nonsense. A rousing preliminary.

II- The tall glamorous blonde Jennifer kneels, leaning up, strapped down half-nude on a stair shaped bench, breasts flattened down, this time in only white pantyhose. Tassara, in bra, thong, and heels, cricles, spanks, and torments.

III- Jennifer, now nude, is bent over an ingenious wooden frame. At one end, she is doubled over what looks like a raised padded mailbox-sized block, elevating her bottom to center screen and pulling her up on tippy-toe, so that her bare feet paw for purchase. Her arms are stretched forward and down and wrists fastened. She is in a thrilling, vulnerable, exposed posture. Tassara paddles and straps her to our delight, her little struggles enhance. Jennifer's situation is one of those where you'd like to see her left to chill out while the spanker steps away for a bit. Break for lunch.

IV- Jennifer naked full-length on the familiar inverted "V" peaked padded bench, bottom-high for the strap. Lay it on, Tassara. (It is difficult not to conjure Tanya Fox when she struck this pose.)

V- Lastly, Jennifer is strung up, center-stage, ankle spreader in place. 360 degree views of her glorious pale pink body--tight bottom, long legs, fuffy blonde mane, wispy darker mohawk, and hard high prominent breasts. Tassara whips and straps her while she and the camera circle.

We have been watching Shadow Lane's "Blue Denim," where Jennifer's charms are showcased in a domestic heterosexual setting, rather than in a studio with bondage devices, leather, and implements. We are amateur observers of this iconic lady and have now seen four jolly spanking performances by her in this mid-90's cycle, including one of Ed Lee's "interviews," where progressive spankings are interspersed with armchair chats. It would be fun to check a filmography to determine how much time was inserted to let her bottom return to normal.

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